Run 1894  13/01/2015

Hare/Co Hare:

  • Home James and Jewells and a thank you to PA (Geoff) for helping cook.


  • Freddo who was visiting Perth for the last time for a while, as she is moving to Cairns for the nature.


  • Leopard
  • Jewells
  • Ball Breaker

Who all had to share the one birthday hat!!

Bitchy Britches:

Could not be handed to anyone because Teflon was on a date!

Droopy Boobs:

Lots of contenders for the Droopy Boobs however they could not be passed on as they were not at the run either.

  • Deaconess nominated Pumpkin because it took six times for her to reverse into a parking space.
  • No No was nominated for leaving her car lights on.
  • Lone Ranger nominated Mustang – During the run Lone Ranger was running and happened to mention something about how her booty was moving and Mustang told her that her boobies weren’t moving much at all. Mustang won the toss due to not knowing the difference between Booty and Booby.

General Business:

  • Coaster was called to count for yawning in the circle.
  • Splash table started collapsing but our intrepid hash splash committee members saved the splash.
  • Guide Dog was called up for her very pink hair.
  • Super had lost property from the Christmas run.
  • Shorty was looking after our. GM, keeping her supplied with beer.
  • Rotto, Boddington and Crankers preamble for Busselton Nash Hash were mentioned.


  • Sam and Pumpkin for talking in circle.
  • Super for being covered in bandaids (I didn’t find out why)
  • Freddo for no hash gear.
  • Backseat, Goodyear, Gorgeous for sitting down in circle.
  • Home James for insinuating that GG had a cane box at the last run.
  • Reverse charge on Occy – She tried to charge Home James for putting the arrows in the middle of the road, but Home James said that was to avoid the sprinklers.

Things then promptly got out of hand with Home James, Backseat and Gorgeous throwing drinks around after the down down which ended up on poor Sarge.

Circle was ended and then we were treated to a yummy beef/gravy/roast veggie and salad tea.