Run 1892  29/12/14

Kings Park Joint Run    


There was a smallish turnout possibly due to it being a Monday and everyone having a long weekend away or, looking at those that did turn up, maybe everyone else was still getting over the excesses of Christmas!

The Run:

Quickly out of the park and through the streets, past  the old West Perth mansions long since turned into fashionable offices for mining companies…these days they are probably the only asset of value they have left! Past our seat of Government, not a pollie in sight…all on their Christmas overseas ‘fact finding’ tours at the taxpayer’s expense no doubt. Loop back to the high-rises overlooking the city, the walkers on the high road and the afleetes on the low road and up Jacobs Ladder to the drink stop. After Jacobs Ladder, we were only good for a pedestrian amble back to Mays Circle through the park. The run was around 6.5km and I got back 59mins and 45secs after the start….. great run from Screwy & Butt-Less and well needed drink stop from Mr Wong.


Screwdriver stood on the crate for the GMs sunning themselves on Rotto.


  • TwinTubs (Kal)
  • Incontinence (Broome)
  • Go-fer (Freo?)
  • ShaftSniffer (?)
  • Frances (Padbury Hash??? you can tell the new to Hashers)


  • Teflon charged for going down Jacobs Ladder looking for the drink stop (never trust a Hamersley man’s word!). Club GMs and reps called up for a drink.
  • Boner takes over the circle as honorary-stand-in-temporary RA for the night.
  • Charges Chisler & TuTu both of which have already left!
  • Imobiliser charged for being incapable of parking her car and attempting a hit and run on a passing dog.
  • Barralina and Precious called out for moon gazing but on their way into the circle Precious goes down like an Asian jetliner and the circle comes to a temporary halt while repairs are made to Precious and the tarmac.
  • Occy on ice for tripping Precious up…suspect she was drumming up new business…
  • The Hares Screwdriver, Buttless & Mr Wong were called up for a drink. Boner gives the run 10/10

General Business: Screwdriver back on the crate.

  • SoP advertised their Sundowner at Freo Sailing Club New Years Day from 6pm.
  • Crankers combined AGPU and Busso Pre-able..$95..letter ‘D’ theme (dull, dismal, dreary, dreadful, disgusting, Disgraceful).
  • Freo are doing a Busso Post-Amble venue TBA but sure to be at a Freo icon (fish & chips perhaps?).
  • ShaftSniffer charged for new shoes and Screwey for old ones!
  • Elvis tries to charge Wanker for also going down Jacobs Ladder looking for refreshment. Elvis takes it as Wanker has already left.
  • Occy, Wimpy and Immobiliser had some confusion about being a slave to a man…all three take a drink…not sure why Wimpy was involved…..
  • New H4 member ‘Neil’ presented to the circle as an example of the young athletic types that are attracted to the club.Suction and CloseToMe brought forward as conisewers of the male form and asked for their opinion, Neil scores 20/10.
  • Members of the Padbury Hash called out for a drink..crime rates are down tonight in the northern suburbs…
  • Wombat and Cookie take a drink for helping out with the splash..the On-Sec goes thirsty and forgotten..I’ll remember that, Screwy

Songs from all the clubs present then back to the liquid refreshments and tucker (for those that brought it)

Thanks to our guest writer Ass-Ass-In for his interpretations of the evening.