Run 1893  06/01/2015 


What do you do when you arrive late and can see nothing but a beautiful blue pool and a handsome chef cooking huge lots of kebabs – what else!

Despite the time, I thought I’d better set off in the general direction of the run, though I wasn’t really expecting too much.

I did manage to find the first DS just a few houses away, but with arrows pointing towards a house and not knowing what DS stood for and not able to see another lane, I continued on around the street.

If only I’d known that my mates were actually in the house – because it was the house that was the first drink stop – sipping wine from chateau cardboard bladders hanging from a Hills Hoist.

You can’t really blame me for having to share my brain with my twin sister! We’ve always claimed we have only half a brain each!!

Anyway, on I went, down a leafy green street thinking about how the front runners such as Rations, Occy, Cookie and others would be meandering through Greenwood.

In the distance I could hear the horn and the calling, but the closest I got was to be joined by a couple of unnamed injured Harriettes changing their shoes and heading to the second DS and then On On home.

At least I was there for the Circle, half in the pool and half out the pool area, with GG firmly atop her cane box in the middle of the pool.

Kebab, Suction and Mustang were called out for their mandatory Down Down, along with a rather large pink thing erect in the pool with them.

Then there were drinks for about a dozen visitors and new member Janice.

Then it was celebration time – 250 runs for Mustang and On Heat. Well done girls. In addition, it was a celebration also for Even Stevens’ birthday, which meant yummy cakes all round.

From all accounts, a great run, with great drink stops (now that I know what DS means) and certainly great kebabs and salad.

Sorry, but I can’t read the rest of my scribble.

Thinking of Shorty and crew at 7am on Sunday, when 007’s ashes reach their final resting place.

On On

Home James