Run: 1890 16/12/2014

White Christmas


Yay! The finishing touches are all done; the moon has now replaced the sun,

Turn on the lights and start our run; and enjoy the festivities and have some fun


The Harriettes are dressed in white; with their faces all merry and bright

Charge your glasses (to get a bit tight); we’ll meander the streets – What a lovely sight


With tinkle bells, jingle bells and cow bells a ringin’,

The Harriettes were ready to let voice with their singing,


GG out the front and leads them into dance and song

But alas, I fear, there’s something terribly wrong

We’re at the Kingdom Hall making all this caterwaul

OMG! Move to the next spot, Yay! It’s a much needed drink stop


Huff and puff back up the hill, for the girls to get a refill

Their excitement is on the rise but our circle is not the surprise

We welcome Janice a lovely, new face, Comet, Diehard and Dynamo return to our space

But what’s this we hear? A Harley coming up the street, in top gear


The girls all start to whistle and cheer as the riders are becoming quite clear

It’s all revealed, twas GG’s ploy! It’s Santa Sarge on the back of Popeye’s toy

What’s this, the Harley roaring or is that our Sarge a calling?

Slow down, let me off, be kind, as this seat is hard and I’ve a sore behind


Santa Sarge calls ‘Come get your gift’, I’m sure the $5 spent will give you a lift

Lots of oos and ahhhs (and maybe a pout) but everyone’s happy without a doubt

Delicious food is all ready to plate, so dig in girls, there’s no reason to wait

The sound of people enjoying themselves, the music so loud it rattles the shelves


From here on in, it’s all a blur, but I had a good time of that I’m sure

I lost my earring, keys and hat, luckily my virginity was still in tact

All in all what a damn great night, you beautiful Harriettes are certainly ‘All Right’

So it’s OnOn to the Kings Park run where I’m sure we’ll repeat the laughter and fun


‘Ya All White, Ya All White, Ya got little pink bits but Ya All White…..’

Merry Christmas (very belated)