Run #:  1887
Date:     25/11/2014
Consensus was the run was a good one..!!
  • Shorty

Salvo’s Rep:

  • Jeanette who was representing the Salvo’s was called up to speak on behalf of the Salvo’s and to thank us for our continued support as we have been doing this run for 17 years she then given a down down (non-alcoholic, of course!!!!)


  • Lick-M and Stick-M from Germany – they run in Dubai
  • GM’s from Hamersley and West Coast called up for a down down.
General Business:
  • Spud called up to speak about the Hamersley Christmas Sundowner at the Shed Friday night and the only problem in Northbridge is the Harriettes!!! Cost is $10.
  • Screwdriver from Crankers spoke about preamble to Busselton
  • Rusty Nuts from South Perth let everyone know about the Christmas run on Thursday the 18th
  • Spud,Screwdriver and Rusty Nuts had a down down for being the party organizers
  • DD charged Dash, for watching two cockroaches having sex instead of paying attention to the run.
  • Smurf was charged for falling asleep at beach and Jimmy Barnes concert.
  • AssAssin gave GG an accolade for her honorary or horny Pirate costume when they went to the chocolate factory??
Club Songs:
  • All clubs were called upon  to sing their songs
    • Numbats/ South of Perth
    • Crankers
    • Fremantle
    • Rocky City
    • South of Perth
    • Friday Hash
    • West Coast
    • Hamersley
    • and to finish the Perth Harriettes
 Everyone enjoyed the night..!!