Run: 1886


Hare: Pumpkin

As I arrived I heard Pumpkin complaining “Who sets a run in November and has to worry about rain?!” Luckily it didn’t rain till we were all tucked up in the circle. But before then there was a run to do. Out the front and a few instructions from Pumpkin then we were off. It wasn’t just “round the block” as Pumpkin threatened but up hill and down dale though Sorrento. Although it seemed to be more uphill than down! Lots of looong falsies kept the pack together with the walkers even doing some of the falsies. And all the falsies seemed to be uphill!! We turned for home once we got to the sea and the long hill up Hepburn tested the dedicated runners. Well done Pumpkin!

The circle was called by the GMs new whistle – hope she doesn’t swallow it when she has trouble balancing on the crate.

Pumpkin has a drink for a well set run and organising the rain for 8.30pm rather than 7.30pm.


  • Cathy from Taiwan by way of Miling Pub and on her way to Onslow gets a drink. Then another as working in a pub should mean she knows how to drink.

Returnees (from OS):

  • Bumbo
  • Anyname
  • Leopard
  • Captain Knockers
  • Call Girl
  • Firefly

They all get a down down for their travels.

Special Runs:

  • Tutti Fruitti has done 350 Runs. Congratulations!! Yippee cake for desert.


  • Nightfill is 21 again on Friday. This caught Pumpie on the hop as she had planned a cake for next week but as resourceful as ever had a container of left-overs from the High Tea as a substitute.

Granny Fanny Nanny:

  • Ball Breaker has cracked it again with a new grandson Nixon Travis.

Bitchy Britches:

Roll On is AWOL (something about a grandchild’s birthday – poor excuse) but Suction and Ball Breaker where both nominated for their misdemeanours. Just what they where was lost to me in the general frivolity.

Droopy Boobs:

  • Half Cut nominated Chop Suey for not doing her job and forgetting the birthday hats.
  • Half Cut herself was also nominated for leaving her Mum to her own devices at the High Tea. Seems Mum arrived on time but Half Cut was late (as usual).
  • The GM nominated the Splashes DMD and Sqota for running out of white wine and as this is the tipple of choice for the GM they got to share the boobs.

Special Thanks:

To all those who helped make the Help Marlee Communicate High Tea such a success. From the Instigator (Jewells), her band of merry organisers (Liberty, Squirrel, Home James, Pumpkin, Shorty), all those who contributed food and drink (special mention to Jam Tart who contributed Moet champagne and then proceeded to buy most of it back in the Silent Auctions), all those who helped set up (special mention to Moose) and all the Harriettes who bought tickets and bought their friends along to make the day special. Uplifting was the comment made!! All up we raised $13,000 which will go a long way to get the machine (and software) to help Marlee communicate! Well done everyone.


  • Anyname and Chop Suey were charged for looking like twins, due to them both being hung over to the same extent.
  • Coaster charged Teflon Tart for new shoes last week. As a true Harriette she drank out of the shoe even if she had got away with it.
  • Sarge charged Kebab for becoming the guardian of the Hamersley bar bus. Silly boys for leaving a Harriette in charge of their bus. There were a number of suggestions on how to prove just how silly that was!   Just remember girls’ payback can be a bitch.

Circle finished with the usual song and then tea of Pumpkin’s broccoli salad with potato bake and chicken. Yum….and did I mention cake for desert!

On On to the Salvo’s Run.

Don’t forget your donations!!