RUN: 1885


HARES: Cowpat and Blowfly

On this lovely spring night we are off to Cowpat’s (and I grizzle about being a vege) and Blowfly’s abode, ummm hope the patch doesn’t mimic the name . Fortunately there is neither a bovine poop nor a blowy in sight but a smiley and welcoming hostess who sends us off on trail.

OMG is it a mirage? What do we see in the distance but Sam jogging along with the front runners, is this the new “Svelte Sexy and Mysterious” or does this cougar have a toy boy lurking in the background? It doesn’t however take too much to persuade her to join us in a walk, the svelte bit forgotten for another year.

As we cavort through the streets of Padbury, Nightfill uses her best baritone voice to call trail only to be questioned by the front runners (whom I add, weren’t even on trail) for not calling. Naughty girls fancy querying the old tarts, we know we have to call – loud and clear!!!

With a trail for walkers and one for runners we opt for the runners trail, Puddles recognizing the fine athletes we are, joins us as she is also on a fitness campaign or maybe another looking for a toy boy?? Finally we cross trails and meet up with the walkers on their evening stroll and heading for home. Liberty, Aunty Val and Even Stevens however, run out of arrows and don’t make it back home for another 10 mins – I was just about to send out the search party!!!!


  • Cowpat and Blowfly. A good run should have satisfied everyon


  • Semi Demi from Christmas Island


  • Super
  • Jam Tart
  • Teflon Tart


  • Butless – looks too good and too young to be Granny Fanny Nanny – I want the name of her surgeon


  • Liberty 1469. the conscientious objector, she isn’t going to drink from that big pink dick, besides it’s too big for her mouth and Banger wasn’t conceived that way


  • Roll On – leaving pee (or was that toilet paper in the toilet). If it’s yellow let it mellow, I say!!!


  • Halfcut left them in someone’s bag, looked like hers

Lots and too rowdy for me to record but I know that Commando had the audacity to sit in the circle. Shame on you, young lady, shagger’s back or not!!!!

Thanks for a delicious curry Cowpat, made with delectable, scrumptious and delightful Pumpkin –Moi !!!!

Thanks Cowpat for a great night,

ON ON to next week.

PUMPKIN (your favourite vege, always!!!)