Run: 1884

Melbourne Cup Run

Hares: Wenchy and Blew He

Ably set by Wenchy and Blew He, the run was a leisurely stroll to a park in Morley for the 42 starters, probably a good thing as some of the Harriettes horses looked a little worn out from the festivities earlier in the day. Shorty took the lead and was there for most of the run (she being the only one who actually ran, or, was Mustang there as well). A game of “Try to Catch Your Nag” was played by the more enthusiastic of the group. This involved jockeys throwing water bombs at their horses, some of them going astray and splashing the outsiders (a number of whom shied away from the open ground to hide behind a tree). After such an exhausting run, equine food of watermelon, dips, chicken and salad followed by strawberries and ice cream were served.


  • Francis and Tight White Arse


  • Radio Gaga, Teapot and Cowpat

Special Runs:

  • Coaster with 769 runs


  • Double D, OTT, Radio Gaga and Oasis

Bitchy Britches:

  • Retained by Lone Ranger as she forgot to bring them.

Droopy Boobs:

Belonging to Guide Dog but she claims they are lost tits.

Herk Bear:

  • Blew He, the mythical creature of the night, drank the specimen of spew.


  • Down downs for the best dressed GG’s – too many to name!!!
  • Missing pages from the annual to be taken by Cheapy next week
  • Radio Gaga – parking in the driveway
  • Suction – allowing Wombat’s grandson to play with the Virgin Cape that was found in his toy box.
  • Cookie – bad mouthing Cup drinks
  • Sarge – a disgrace to NAIDOC
  • The GM should have been charged for twice falling out off her stalls.
  • Congratulations to the winners of the Harriettes Cup, Kebab, Wombat and Blew He, from a field of 23 starters, called by Max.
  • Congratulations also to the Melbourne Cup Sweep winners.

General Business:

  • Salvos collection to start November 11. No out of date products please.

High Tea – Quillow Raffle – $5 a ticket