Run:  1883

Hares: Tickets, Possum, Concorde and RJ



Wow this takes me back a few years pulling up outside Possum’s place. We wander inside to be welcomed by skeletons, spider webs, pumpkins and all things Halloween. Possum and Tickets have had fun decorating and it all looks so good. It is also great to be greeted by Possum after all these years.

The surroundings are so good it is sad to leave them but we head out the front and over the road to be separated into our four teams for a relay race. Pull one item out of the cauldron with your tongs and then and the next team member takes over. Lots of laughter and fun. Must have been some cheating too because we suddenly seemed to be way behind!!!!

Can we go home now? But no we have to terrorize the streets before we have more fun. In my hurry to get ready I forgot the running bra so had a nice walk instead. We ended up down near Belmont Forum and then it was time to head home. Just a good sized walk for all the witches and ghouls.


  • Tickets had three co-hares – Concorde, Possum and RJ. They all had a very well deserved drink for their efforts.
  • Don’t go away Concorde and RJ as it is now time for Popeye and Patch to join you for a visitors Drink.


  • We next welcome back our returnees Possum and Stiffy.


  • Time for Tickets to come back for her Birthday cake. Hashy Birthday Tickets!!!

Special Runs

  • 150 Runs for Choppy is next to be celebrated. Congratulations and well done Choppy!
  • 69ers – Oh no it is me (Wenchy) for my 769 but it is great to be joined by Cheapy for her 369.

Bitchy Britches

  • The bitchy britches almost go to Tickets but Lone Ranger just can’t resist offering to make the picture look pretty by being in it. And doesn’t she look pretty in those nice britches!

Droopy Boobs

  • Our Droopy Boobs go to Halfcut who spent five minutes talking to Buttless, who was just ahead of her in the toilet queue then when asked if it was free could not remember who had just gone in ahead of her.

Herk Bear

  • Henrietta Herk Bear was then ceremoniously awarded to BlewHe after she admitted to leaning over that big white telephone in Dunsborough. Henrietta is back in the house again. At least it wasn’t me this time.

Dunsborough Pressies

  • Jewells, Sarge and Homey were then all presented with gifts for doing such a great job in Dunsborough once again. From what I have heard it was well deserved. A great weekend was had by all who went.


  • Pumpkin on Kebab for dressing up as Lone Ranger – a photo of the twins.
  • Aunty Val on Tip’m- should have had more sense – pregnant again!!
  • Sarge was charged for denying she had inside info on the Dunsborough T-Shirt. Just how often does she wear orange nail polish??
  • Sarge and Gorgeous for making a racket at 6am. Sarge had a cramp and needed her heat pack warmed up. Gorgeous couldn’t see the microwave numbers without her glasses and between them they woke up the whole house!
  • Charge on Rambling for getting lost at 10am when she was sober and taking Bumbo and Leopard for a ramble around Dunsborough.
  • DMD for parading in her dressing gown.


  • Torch – Gorgeous
  • Water Bottle – Halfcut
  • Kindle – Roll-on
  • Mug – Guide Dog (I must add the mug was left behind at the Melbourne Cup Run and it is now at my place!)

Wow that was some circle!

Lucky the kitchen witches have been able to keep the brews hot in the cauldrons! Delicious curry and rice.

Thank you so much Tickets for a good run and a really enjoyable night. It was also fabulous seeing Possum, and RJ again apart from on FaceBook. Thank you for being such great hosts.