Run: 1882  21st October 2014

Hares: Cleopatra ably assisted by Wombat and Camel

This was an awesome run, with lots of False Trails that weren’t always obvious. Well marked with huge arrows keeping the pack together and up until halfway when a few girls thought they’d found On Home. Some girls are like Riding School Horses…. They get a sniff of home and they’re off. Anyway, it was a beautiful night and for those who did the whole thing – a good workout. Glad I made the effort to finally get off the couch.   Mash was fantastic, it was an all-round top effort 10/10.


  • Francis Crew
  • Pheedaphile from Kalgoorlie


  • Super been caravanning in Bruce Rock and Kulin
  • Tip’m was Cruisin’ in Kukerin
  • and Me Tickets has just been plain slacking off

New Members:

  • Sarah and Nina both need names so keep an eye on them girls!!!

Special Runs:

  • Super 400, runs, only taken her 14 years !!! Cake supplied by DJ (wonders never cease!!!)


  • Tickets celebrated with a 2nd hand cake courtesy of Choppy not turning up for her special run.

Bitchy Britches:

Hotly contested by Anyname who tried to give them to me for mentioning DJ’s cake. It reminded me of one of her famous brick cake creations, charge reversed cause I was only making an observation not being bitchy.

However, Anyname was usurped by Lone Ranger for rudely yelling at everyone to listen to the GM as that’s why God gave them ears!! Touch of PMS for this little Harriette perhaps? She was overheard later in the evening grumbling at how she was going to incorporate these bloody things into my Halloween costume next week.

Droopy Boobs:

What would we do without our Guide Dog!!??!! Charged by her so called friend Roll On for her phone going off on the run. Guide Dog explained that it was her alarm which she set for the morning, trouble was Apple put AM and PM too close together and she got confused. God I think she needs a Guide Dog!!!!

General Business:

  • Nightfill, her daughter Kara and friend Sasha have organised a website for Marlee.
    The link attached is for you to share with everyone:
  • Jewells reminded everyone to bring $20 for your Dunsborough t-shirt and if you haven’t paid your $110 please do so.
  • Comando reminded everyone SUBS are due 1/11
  • Night out Gloucester Park 28th November.
  • Xena asking us to bring in any unwanted books, novels, cookbooks etc for the Boronia Annual Gala Day Saturday 1st November 2014.
  • GG has a new dick apparently and if you talk in the circle she’ll shove it down your throat. Hmmm


  • Wombat charged Thrifty for being drunk and disorderly in Coasters driveway prior to the run.
  • Rambling on Kebab for leaving her date Jack Sparrow alone and abandoned to be taken home by a wicked woman after Rocky City’s Bogan run on the weekend. He did look a little worse for wear.
  • GG charged Shorty for telling her to move her Lard Arse on the run. Shorty took the charge but as a witness she never called her a lard arse just told her to stop weaving all over the footpath. Still it’s the GM and you can’t reverse so Shorty in true Harriette style took her Down Down.
  • Jewells charged Cleopatra for having WATER on a hash run.
  • Sam charged Wombat for having a talking arm on the run – turned out to be her iPhone run keeper app.
  • Then Xena on Gorgeous who heard the above charge as ‘A talking arse’!!!!

OK that’s all from me, see you all at next week’s Halloween run. @ 356 Robinson Ave, Belmont.

NB: if it’s hot bring your bathers.

On On


Joke of the night: GG promised to stay sober in Dunsborough.

Firefly promised to take photos when she doesn’t !!!