RUN: 1881 –  14/10/2014            

HARE: Wombat

Great run set by Wombat!  The pack stayed together up hill and down lots of steps it was dark and dingy at one point but we all made it home, thanks Wombat.

A big happy 60th birthday to you from all the Harriette’s.  Who would have believed she’s the big 60….soooo……..young!!!!


  • Jeremy ,Camilla and Cathy joined us for the run.


  • Sarge, Sam and Show Off

Bitchy Britches:

  • To Backseat who told Gorgeous her blood was common as muck.

Virgin Cape:

  • Suction Finally got to wear her virgin cape although she tried her best to swap it for Angel Wings….’shame’!! ( I don’t think either of them really suit her.)

Marlee’s High Tea

Tickets are available from Shorty.  Jewells would like anyone who can help or make a donation to see her or any other committee member.

Lions Club donated the use of there hall for the high tea.

Perth Harriettes donated $400.


  • The foot was finally found and the Angel Wings turned up not pointing any fingers ……but…..Butt-less name was mentioned on both accounts.
  • Reverse charge  – from Roll On  to Guide Dog can’t remember what for!!!!