RUN: 1879  –  30/9/2014            

VENUE: Tatts Bowling Club

HARE:     Baboon (Rocky City)

This year’s Close to the Heart run was hosted by Rocky City for Rocky City’s Silver Chain branch. A fabulous crowd gathered to support the much valued and much needed cause. There were plenty of hashers dressed in silver, our two new girls Sarah and Nat came along to experience their first joint run and were dressed head to toe in silver (if they are not destined to be true Harriettes then I don’t know who is!!)…. even Silver was dressed in Silver!!!

Baboon set us off in the direction of the Bell Tower to enjoy the sights of the City on a beautiful spring evening. Through city streets, parks and malls we ran (and walked) to the amusement to many, one who by sheer coincidence, was with us most of the way and was uncertain what we were all about. We invited him to join us back at the Tatts to learn more but we never did see him again. The pack spread out and was split into a ‘runners’ trail and a ‘walkers’ trail. I’m not sure if there was a drink stop because our little pack of walkers lost trail up near Royal Perth Hospital and found our own way home. All in all it was a great run catching up lots of hashers from a number of other clubs including Bridges, Bullsbrook, Busso, Bush Hash, Crankers, Freo, Friday, Mandurah, Numbats, Perth, Rocky City (obviously!!), South of Perth, Wanneroo, West Coast and Hamersley. The Tatts was teeming with hashers when we returned to quench a well-earned thirst and not long after Rocky’s GM, Boogie called ‘Circle’!


Rocky’s GM, Boogie welcomed everyone and was ably assisted by Thunder in honouring their members who are no longer with us.

  • Escargot was a ball of energy who embodied everything Hash but who in the beginning stated that she would never be in a photo nor take part in a skit….well those who knew her knows that those two things never held and she was always in the thick of everything – including photos and numerous skits!
  • Tardy was a 142 run Rocky City member who was known for her stubbornness and wonderful sense of humour.
  • Noddy was known to have an affinity for the Rocky City Penguin Suit and was often seen wearing it proudly whilst walking the dog along the beach.
  • Uncle Fester who joined Rocky City in 2007 and during this time held all of the clubs positions (often all at once!!). He was known far and wide for his down down brew which contained all manner of things including baked beans , raw eggs and often his running socks that had just been used to run the trail and often through shaggy!!

Rocky City Silver Chain does exceptional work (which I am sure is repeated by all Silver Chains in all areas). They have been of service to the Rocky City community for over 100 years and have treated over 85,000 people during this time. This wonderful organization came to the fore for these Rocky City hashers and benefited from their care in their time of need.

The pack held thirty seconds silence to remember these and other hashers who are no longer with us.

General Business:

  • Rocky City Bogan Run:

The pack was honored by a visit from Rocky City’s guest bogans, Shazza and Bazza who promoted the Bogan Run in true bogan-style!

  • Charges by Mystery Whips – Baboon, Concorde, Undies and Deaconess:
    • Baboon charged Chainsaw for losing 18kgs and then charged Mr Wong for finding it!
    • Concorde charged Wing It aka Plastered for falling asleep on the race track at the Kulin Races after the nudie run
    • Undies charged Bits for:1. Admitting to watching the chick-flick Notting Hill and 2. Knowing the park bench that was in the movie is now located in Queens Gardens
    • Deaconess charged Floozy for something or other (my notes are vague) but whilst she was the centre of attentions it enabled Firefly to give her a birthday cake and have the pack sing an (in)appropriate birthday song…Happy birthday f*** you!!!

General Charges:

  • Boogie charged Baboon who assured her prior to the run that the Splash under control but forgot it on the night!!!


There were seven magnificent baskets of goodies – all in resplendent silver. Perth Harriettes won so many of there were shouts of ‘rigged!!!!

  • Thunder (Rocky City)
  • Mal Adjusted (Hamersley)
  • Double D (Perth Harriettes)
  • Fiona (nearly a Perth Harriette)
  • Crafty (Perth Harriettes)
  • DIY (Perth Harriettes)
  • Black U (Rocky City)

All the clubs sung their song in unison (including us) but we needed our ‘spot in the sun’ so we sang ours again to the delight of the crowd!!!

Before we all joined the ‘far-queue’ to partake of some wonderful hash. Screwy announced that Freo had taken up the challenge and would be hosting next year’s Close to the Heart Run

Post Script from Small Goods (Rocky City):

After lots of donations of time, raffle prizes,  food and $’s and a few deductions.
We as the Hash community at RCH3 C2TH for Silver Chain raised $3075.85c
We had 172 Hasher’s on the night.
14 Clubs had at least one member represent them.
Please pass on RCH3’s thanks for the 40 Perth Harriette’s that were there on the night,
supporting another joint Close to The Heart Run.
On On to Freo H6 Next Year for C2TH