RUN: 1878  –  23/9/2014             VENUE: Morris Place Kebabs, Morris Place, Innaloo.

HARE: Our lovely Leopard

It was a cool dark night in Innaloo, we all met at the Kebab Place in Morris Place.  Lots of Harriettes turned up. The run had quite a few false trails through the streets of Innaloo. I became quite disorientated, I saw some flamingos in gardens. People were shouting at us from the their balconies – motivational outbursts. Luckily I was walking with our gorgeous Song Mistress, On Heat we managed to stay on trail.
We saved our beautiful GM from the stoners, she was heading down Stoner St and we brought her home safely back to the Kebab Place.


VISITORS:  Sarah & Nat.

RETURNEES:  Guide Dog & Half Cut.
NEW MEMBERS:  Nina….primemover


  • Cookie 1169
  • DJ 650
  • Banger 350


  • Mustang – 18 years old
  • Thrifty – 22 years old
  • Deaconess – 26 years old and
  • DIY 30 years old


  • Sphinx


  •  Anyname – retribution


  • Super – bimbo.


  • Gobble Gobble for going on holidays to Turkey.
  • DJ for not telling us it was a special 650th run.
  • Anyname for talking in the circle.
  • Sarge for standing higher than the GM.
  • Half Cut for having a 69er whilst she was on holidays.


  • High Tea for Marlee.
    Gibson Ave, Padbury on 15 November.  Marlee (daughter and granddaughter of two Perth Harriettes – Embryo and La Fitz) has Rhetts Syndrome a complex genetic disorder and needs a star gaze machine.
    Tickets for the high tea are $30.  Donations for the raffle would be appreciated.
  • Dunsborough
    Jewells needs t-shirt sizes and those travelling by bus.
  • First Outing for the Year
    Mini Golf morning, Sunday 05 October ladies only.
    At Wanneroo Botanical Golf followed by lunch at the Leapfrog Café
  • Close to your Heart Run
    Tuesday, 30th September 2014 hosted by Rocky City.
    Tatts Bowling Club, Perth. Time is 6.30pm, cost is $15, wear silver. Charity –  Silver Chain, RockinghamZ
  • Rocky City’s 1200 Bogans Run:  18 & 19 October 


We all enjoyed our yummy Turkish food, lots of delicious birthday/ special run cakes and a drink or too. DJ was suggestive selling to Sphinx and Cleopatra.  Deaconess was flogging feet.  Everyone was touching up Cleopatra’s award winning Turkish bread. Super sipped/borrowed my cider without asking then gave Kebab and myself some tongue action to try and justify her actions. Ali the owner of the Kebab Place was very nice and gave out some raffle prizes of  Delicious Turkish delights for some lucky Harriettes.  The raffle winners were Sarge, Cheapy, Deaconess, GG and DJ well done ladies.

Thanks Leopard for a great night.