Hare:         Cookie
Co-Hare:   Se
agul  (Bag Carrier)


Cowpat and CTD and we had a new song from On Heat for their down down!!!

No new members, special runs or birthdays and we know what that means NO CAKE!!!

Bitchy Britches:

Nominees: Deaconess and Sarge. Both related to calling Seagul ‘Bag Lady’ or ‘Old Bag’…..Sarge wins again!

Droopy Boobs:

Why not give them to Sarge too!!


  • Cheapy no T Shirt LAST week (so my notes say ???)
  • Bumbo for stealing the GM’s glass
  • Mustang for talking (surprise)
  • Wombat for answering the phone on the run (dodgy charge)

Angel Wings:

This rarely seen item made an appearance this week, awarded to Headbanger for cleaning up the debris on the trail, left by the recent storms, for the runners behind her. Well done.

On Heat got a special mention as “most improved choir mistress”.

General Business:

  • Rocky City’s 1200 Bogan Run 18 October
  • Hares needed!!! See DJ please

The Run:
What can you say about such a well set fantastic run!! Interesting terrain through parks and ponds. A stroll over the boardwalk and plenty of false trails to keep the pack together. A ‘sweeper’ to remove debris, just the right length. Great weather…….and the food wasn’t bad either. AND THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR LETTING THE HARE WRITE UP THEIR OWN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On On