Hare: Buttless
Run: 1875

Arrived as Buttless’ place with a big (as usual) crowd gathering all huddled around the nice fire.

Then it was on around the streets of Fremantle, through the Fremantle Hospital up past the old jail, around through the Fremantle War Memorial, some side streets, then on to home.

Buttless had a down down for setting a rather long run helped by co-hares Screwy and Puddles.

Headlights who racked off before the circle and AssAssin from Hamersley and Path who is Occy’s other half.


  • Aunty Val 1400 runs
    Received a bottle of champagne with two lovely glasses
  • Wombat 400 runs
    Received a photo frame full of photos


  • Buttless
  • Moose
  • Matchbox
  • Firefly

Who all celebrated on or after the date



After much discussion Wombat ‘won’ the Droopy Boobs


Patch was nominated for being rude to the splash girls, then transferred them to Commando for missing Wombat at the AGM and then to On Heat for not knowing our Perth Harriettes song.

We all enjoyed the wonderful food supplied by Buttless and Screwy