It was a wet and cold August night, but that never stops the Harriettes.

Our wonderful Hare, Mustang set a cracker of a run – half way through the runners got slack (actually lost) and turned back blindly led by Killer Queen who did get us all home.  Whilst the runners kept on running.  We even lost our hare who was out looking for the stragglers with Shorty.

We welcomed our visitors Caroline and Matt, Killer Queens new beau (yes he is a darling even in his pink beanie).

The returnee’s was a long list, with many having just returned from their European juggernaut trip from Brussels Hash – Coaster, Deaconess, Leopard, DJ, Rambling, Commando, Head Banger Firefly and DIY – I hope I have not missed anyone.

It was a special night for Jewells, because she can now sit down in the circle celebrating her 1000th run!  What an achievement (get a life Jewells).  Homes James presented a beautiful cake with a flashy 1000th sign on it – very special.  Backseat celebrated her 369th runs, and I must say she does need some helping sucking on a pink penis, most of it dripped down her chin!!!  And Commando celebrated 150 runs.  Well done to all.   So many cakes

There was birthday galore, Sam, Home James and Gorgeous.  Jewells being the trooper she is, re-gifted her cake to Homes James (because she did not make one for her) and then all hell broke loose with a cake and splash fight, fight, fight between the girls.  Waste of good splash I say.

Gossip Girl was given the bitchy britches, JUST BECAUSE, something to do with not being able to charge her for the next year as GM.  And she now proudly wears the Droopy Boobs just because.

An extraordinary European ‘HerkBear’ was awarded to Deaconess.   On the way to Baarlo, with a bus load of 65 Hashers , Deaconess quietly sitting at the front of the bus, ever so silently herked into many spew bags.  She thought no one knew that she had puked and puked and puked her heart little out.  At each bus stop, her darling AssAssin quietly disposed of the bags.  We counted 5 herk bags – bloody good effort.  You were very, very, very drunk the night before!  Do you remember you were the one dancing in the windows in the red light district in Amsterdam.  Hilarious!!!

Gossip got charged all night and went home rather inebriated.  GG did a massive F**k up and said to our new visitor Caroline that Radio Gaga’son has gotten her daughter pregnant – just all gossip!!!   Charges were laid on Commando and HeadBanger for overloading Gossips bag with their washing from Brussels.  And DJ deserved a charge because she actually owns a pair of corduroy jeans and took them to Brussels!!  WTF DJ.    Shorty was charged for being great and rounding up the lost troops on the run.

We had a naming of our new member Elaine!  She was busted taking a phone call – so welcome to the club ‘Call Girl’.

On On to the AGM.

Gossip Girl