Puddles’ Run 5 Aug 2014


A great team effort from Puddles and Cookie helped along by a sunny spring day (even though it’s still technically winter) and a mild evening. A small pack set out with instructions to look for long and short detour arrows but that still didn’t stop some creative harriettes taking their own detour. Even so, must have been a good run because before we knew it, everyone was back and gathering around the glowing heat bead fires retelling their own version of the run.


Anyname called the CIRCLE, explaining to the 90% of harriettes sitting down, that really they should be standing and this privilege is only for the girls that have put in the hard yards and earned their decorated chairs. I don’t think anyone was listening as few stood up so it was decided to go on the path of least resistance and stay seated – just for tonight.


HARES – Puddles and Cookie had a drink for a great run


RETURNEES – Anyname, Kebab, Cheapy, Gossip Girl, Camel, Occy and Double D all back from interhashing


69ers – Mary Poppins showed her expertise (no shorts required) at reaching 569 runs


BITCHY BRITCHES – Roll On kept the britches for saying that all the bitches were still away in Brussels (smiles from the returnees)


DROOPY BOOBS – Kebab kept these by managing to get herself locked in the toilets in not one but two different countries (London and Holland) while interhashing



Occy – for once again representing the Harriettes so well in the Ball Breaker runs – great effort!!

Double D – for becoming a granny-fanny-nanny with a beautiful granddaughter

Gossip Girl – for displaying her best bits when she managed to do an over the muff tumbler in Copenhagen

Jewells – for running the show while everyone was in Brussels

Gorgeous – for squeezing into the small bed in the caravan they took to Toodyay to watch the Avon Descent


REMINDER to check out all the flyers coming through on email for special runs at other clubs – let them know if you’re going


Lone Ranger led us in the Harriettes song after which everyone had no complaints about standing up to queue for the delicious hot pot/stew/stroganoff awaiting us. On On to next week at my place!