Shorty’s Run 29 July 2014

With many Harriettes still off touring far off places and doing their best to drink them dry, it was a slightly smaller pack, gathered at Shorty’s place with our stand in GM – Jewells.  Shorty told us the run was on ‘chalk and flour’, there were ‘No Hills’, it was a ‘short run’ and that only one of those comments is true.  I think it was easy to guess which one.


The weather stayed fine and as always Shorty set a great run with trails through bushland, parks and along footpaths.  I used the injury card to shortcut back with a few others ensuring that I wasn’t walking alone.  The rest of the pack continued on to prove that ‘Short Run’ and ‘No Hills’ were definitely fibs.


Back to the circle and drink for the hare – Shorty – it was agreed by all that it was an excellent run.  Thank you Shorty.

On to Welcome Backs for Killer Queen, Backseat and Suction and farewells to Super as she heads off to Broome.

SPECIAL RUN – tonight is for Rice Bowl’s 450th

BITCHY BRITCHES – Roll On kept the britches again but I didn’t write down why

DROOPY BOOBS – are awol

CHARGES – we don’t seem to have had any


A nice short circle and on to Shorty’s beautiful chicken soup and bread followed by marshmallows.


On On