Gorgeous’s Run 22 July 2014


A day with lots of showers meant the hare Gorgeous was a bit worried about the arrows when sending us on our way.

Rain threatened and for all of 30 seconds Hughie thought about sending it down, but he had pity on the walkers and kept it dry.

With so many away there were a couple of different faces up front to locate the arrows with Pumpkin and Nightfill prominent.


Back at Gorgeous’s the gas heater attracted a crowd but the garage won out as the warmest spot and that’s where the GM Jewells called the circle.

who had to contend with the rain and the lack of her usual co-hare Back Seat.

While there she copped another drink for (4)69. Liberty finally got to put the dick where it belongs – in the pair of shorts!


Drink and cakes for Super – another year older. She obviously has lots of friends because there were 2 cakes presented. Maybe some-one thought we needed more cake!


Roll On failed to find a contender and as she only put them on for the circle she gets to keep them.

The comment that all the bitches were currently overseas passed without attracting the Britches.


Droopy Boobs are AWOL.


General Business – just that all the travellers arrived safely.


Charges – Squota leaving us for a holiday in the sun (or was that with the son) in Townsville.


Nightfill entertained the pack with a joke with a moral before the song to finish the circle. A quick circle is a good circle!!!


Lovely curry and rice for dinner with cakes and dessert by Jewells (because she could).