Great timing Even Stevens!!!

When I offered to collect the plates , etc, for her run next week, while she was swanning off somewhere, I completely forgot about the write up, didn’t I? GG soon fixed that!

Mary Poppins, looking very relaxed and unhurried before the run, assured us it was “ around 4ish to 5 kilometres,” which sounded great, and off we went, in much warmer weather than the last couple of weeks.   Round and round and up and down we strolled, (well, maybe some were running, but they weren’t near me!) through lanes and parks, with Bushranger magically appearing on his bike every now and then to round us all up. Have you ever seen such huge and clear arrows? No chance anyone would get lost! ( I had no idea where I was, but I wasn’t lost.) I enjoyed the stroll, but I was very glad to get home…………..maybe Tip’m is right about how OLD I am!


  • HARES   Mary Poppins and her able assistant Bushranger thanked for a great run.
  • No Visitors or Returnees, so Anyname took the opportunity to tell Kebab to stop talking.
  • Absent friends Puddles and Killer Queen are having birthdays, and Wenchy has deferred hers to next week, so no cakes. No wonder Kebab was talking!


  • Liberty 1450
  • Nightfill 450
    (Nightfill gently chastised me for elbowing in on HER night! Sorry Nightfill…………..I would have stayed home if I’d known.


To Tip’m  for suggesting Liberty was so old she couldn’t get to the front of the circle.


Gorgeous wanted to give them to someone not going away, but Kebab deserved them for dropping important hash papers all along the street, and only retrieving some of them.   Anyname wondered how she managed to produce such a klutz. ( That’s not quite what she said, but it’s what she meant .)


Backseat charged Jewells, or is that Rhonda??, because she believes she has a Ketut.   No further explanation was offered.


  • Please check with Wombat or GG that your info for the Annual is correct. It seems that the updates have been lost.
  • Rocky City require numbers for their Bogan Run in October. GG will pass on her best guess.


  • Cheapy for work over and above, on the Annual.
  • Jewells because she’s filling Anyname’s shoes for a few weeks, and a couple more who are leaving for Brussels .

Yum dinner of nice thick soup and cheesy bread……………and coffee and biscuits if you ventured anywhere near the washing up!

Thanks Mary Poppins. See you next week in Wembley.