Run 1865 – BLEW-HE – 24 June 2014

Thankfully the weather didn’t match the Hare’s Hash name BLEW-HE as there was no wind blowing, just a beautifully crisp, chilly evening causing a few to dance around to keep warm, a bit like the penguins in Mary Poppins, which made me feel right at home! Mind you, BLEW-HE wasn’t doing too much dancing with her knee still on the mend so experienced Co-Hare WENCHY came to the rescue.

We headed out through the streets of Morley following such a well-marked trail that those planning for a “quickie” around the block couldn’t help but do the full run/walk. No incidents to report on the way, the “pack” getting back pretty much within the hour. Nibbles disappeared in a flash with conversation priority being the upcoming Brussel’s Interhash #2 – China Interhash being #1 – not often you get two in one year.


GM                      ANYNAME called the circle, surprised that most were actually listening.

Hare/Co-Hares BLEW-HE, WENCHY & KIM (house-mate who really had no choice in the matter)

Visitors              ELAINE Sphynx & Cleopatra’s friend who I’m told only drinks water (makes me feel like an alcoholic!)

Returnees          RADIO GAGA, DYNAMO, MARY POPPINS back from Europe having done the reccy for Brussels

Special Runs      BLEW-HE was presented with a silver foot for 100 runs – congratulations!

Birthdays            STIFF STUFF must have an abundance of friends as she was presented with 2 cakes, well 1 cake and lots of mini-cakes appropriately decorated – best wishes!

Britches              RATIONS to keep

Droopy Boobs   GORGEOUS earned these for handing in the Dunsborough Write Up 8 months late (too late to go into the Annual) and for trying to rename BACK SEAT after herself

Herk Bear           ON HEAT earned this as well as a spew bag for leaving her mark on and in the taxi she took home from Hamersley’s Friday 13th

Charges              COW PAT for by-passing Brussels and going to Canada instead

KIM for texting/playing games on her phone all through the circle

BLEW-HE for not instructing her friend KIM in the appropriate behaviour for the circle but this charge was reversed as KIM chose not to heed the advice given

GOSSIP GIRL for losing the pink file? and bringing a white t-shirt for the Group Therapy print run

General Business            Drinks for the first contingent of Harriettes going to Brussels

Lost property

On On to a delicious roast dinner (we really are spoilt sometimes), thank you BLEW-HE & WENCHY for a great night.