It was a rainy cold night so thank god it was warm and cosy in Occy’s apartment. Helped by her co-Hare Rations, the girls had apparently set out a great run judging by the comments of drowned Harriettes on their return. (I, Blew-He, can’t make too many comments on the run. I stayed inside sipping wine nursing my injury my injury with Freddo…. and Concord who wasn’t woman enough to go out in the cold and wet like the rest of the Harriettes!)

A nice hot soup was served to those who braved the cold and wet and then the circle began!

Occy was given a down down for her great efforts and so was Rations for her co-haring. Freddo, Cane Toad and BooBoo were all rewarded for helping in the kitchen with a drink. Wombat was welcomed home after her holiday through Europe. Jam Tart was another returnee who was given an extra down down for losing her passport a couple of weeks before she is due to fly out. Blew-He (me!) had 100 runs acknowledged but her foot was forgotten and no cake…..oops!! DIY was congratulated on her 50 runs. We all sang a happy birthday to Occy, Liberty and Shorty. Rations hung on to the Bitchy Britches for another week and Super handed the Droopy Boobs to GG for an upside down birthday candle.


  • The men:  Hayman, Concorde and Screwy were all given down downs for not being able to stay away from us fabulous Harriettes.
  • Kebab for getting lost in Casino and being suspiciously late (are you sure you didn’t make a pitstop Kebab?)
  • Shorty was charged for breaking the brand new esky.
  • Deaconess for pulling the sympathy vote again with her wrist (I think we should wrap her in bubble wrap to keep her safe before Brussels)
  • And of course GG was charged because we can!!

General Business:

  • Anyname re the email about the Chinese Red Dress – thanks but no thanks.
  • Cheapy said no more photos for the annual.
  • Anyname assured us that the AGM is all good to go!
  • Xena is organising some headgear for Brussels so please see her if you need any.

And who wants to see a miracle…!