That time of year again. Dig out the blue hair and trek to Freo. There is something wrong tonight. No rain or wind. She up there likes us. The early arrivals had a tipple to warm the inner self while waiting for the rest of the pack to arrive.

The blokes all looking gorgeous, comparing their new blue numbers for this years run, with their nipples poking up to the sky in the chilly air, clearly outshone the ladies .

At about 6.30 the horn was blown, the Hares, Assassin and Deaconess introduced and with instructions for a shorter version for the walkers and a drink stop sent on our way.

Somewhere along the way most of the walkers got lost and missed the drink stop . What the runners got up to I do not know. However lost souls and runners all seemed to arrive back in around 15 mins of each other. Overheard an interesting conversation from a Hashman, having found a size 24 dress , AND did not have the balls to ask the attendant if he could try it on. Lucky for him it fit. After a quick sprint across the park to get in first there was panic as the toilets in the park where locked, what do we do now?

Grab a drink and join the usual queue for fish and chips, well organised chaos.

The circle was called and due to the usual noisy lot nothing could be heard. The hares got down down and all the clubs representatives got a down down . Charges who knows?? Club songs sung and back to drinking.

Seems there was a minor problem with the Cornflowers, however a goodly sum was raised for Motor Neurone on the night.

Congratulations to GM Anyname for keeping the unruly Hamersley mob under control.

The crowd started to dwindle as the cold set in and only the diehards stayed much after 9 I think.