No No’s night time saunter through Ridgewood – even though she couldn’t partake because of her foot she managed to organize a really well set run. Lots of False Trails at the beginning meant the pack stayed close together which is the aim of a hash run. It also helped when the chalk markers offered an alternative short cut.   I even noticed a few of the usual short cutters hanging in there till the end, well done, you know who you are…


HaresNo No and Goats Breath, formerly of Bullsbrook Hash. Great job guys lots of well-marked arrows and FT’s.


Thrifty    300  (yummy Carrot & Walnut cake, and lollies by Coaster)

Zip It      250+1


Tuitti Fruitti on 16th No cake, no friends

Coaster on 18th Yummy cake from her sister Thrifty Let that be a lesson to you Tuitti, get your family involved in Hash.


Elaine invited by Sphinx who had a drink for bringing a non drinker to Hash.

Goats Breath – a knight in shining armour coming to the rescue of his damsel No No


Good Year, Occyand Rations.


Retained by Wenchy for not bothering to show up to dob someone else in.


Di, named on a weekend at Crankers Hash whilst trying to perform a crusty demon maneuver. She fell very hard onto the ground and some smart arse came up with DI HARD.


Liberty, Banger, Even Sevens, Sam & Seagul charged for holding their own knitting circle in the carport.

Squirrel talking in the circle, told she should have known better as a teacher, charge reversed because she’s now a Principal.

Deaconess charged Liberty for being the first to take a bite out of her marshmallow bra at the Rocky City Pink Breast run last week.

Matchbox & Firefly, charged for both being on their mobiles, probably to each other!!!!

Gorgeous, tired of all the talk on Brussels was overheard to remark ‘Who gives a Shit’


  • Brussels T-Shirts – Please deposit $30 into the Hash account, in the description put Hash name – T-shirt. Those not going to Brussels will get their shirts after the event.
  • Gorgeous “Who gives a Shit’.  In Gorgeous defense she did put her hand up to do a run when everyone’s away, Jewells remarked she would only have to make a Ham Sandwich but Gorgeous said she would at least toast it.
  • FUND RAISER:- Many of you will know Embryo, a previous GM of Perth Harriettes. Her little girl Marley has been diagnosed with Retts syndrome. Embryo’s girlfriend is organizing a Tupperware party with 100% profits going to the cause. You don’t have to go to the party but if you need any Tupperware contact Kebab for more details. Embryo is also participating in the ‘HBF Run for a Reason’, the website is ‘I Love Someone with Retts’.

Jewells our illustrious Choir Mistress called on Cowpat to sing the song; luckily she was helped out by Shorty “Who Wants to See a Miracle!!!”


Tickets a well deserved recipient of this long forgotten bit of Harriette history for putting her hand up to be Horn and Scribe, what a woman ….just saying!!!!