A great run/walk set by DJ and Mustang saw us all home safe and sound to the yard.  You wouldn’t recognize DJ’s place from the front as Donald and her have given it a very impressive facelift.

Our honourable GM was in good form and got a circle happening without fuss.

First for a down down, was our host and her co-hare, DJ and Mustang.

Next, was Diane who is a visitor and two blow-ins, Mac and Concord.   I saw Concord on the run giving cheek to everyone he passed.

It was nice to see some returnees.  Rumour has it that they have all been on holidays.  Welcome back to Dribble, Sphinx and Hot Stuff.

There were no new members or special runs to celebrate, so light on for cakes this week.  Thank goodness Show Off very graciously has her birthday at this time of year, so at least there was a lovely fruit cake to go around.  Show Off looking as young and radiant as always was sung Happy Birthday to by the Harriette choir.  Gee we sound great!

Bitchy Britches were hotly contended for this week with three nominations.  Occy wanted to charge someone for calling Concord a wanker, but that didn’t stand up as bitchy because everyone agreed.  GG wanted to charge DMD for calling her a bitch, but again – no argument.  Finally, Gorgeous to the rescue to charge Sam!!!!  Quiet, polite and ever so Subi-a-co’sh SAM!  Seems like Sam, put her foot right in her mouth when commenting on Gorgeous’ workman costume, stating that she though Gorgeous had a cushion up her shirt – when she didn’t….. oooh dear, now that was bitchy.

Droopy Boobs were kept by Tickets as she had come tonight without them, after thinking herself ever so clever!!!  She decided to leave them in the car so she wouldn’t forget them.  This from the blonde who rides to runs more than she drives!!!  You can’t be that good looking and clever.

General business was next, because the GM thinks that the crowd gets too rowdy after charges, so was keeping them till last.  This bit went a bit fast for my brain and hand coordination so I take no responsibility for the information being correct but here goes.

  • T-shirts for Rocky City Pink Breast run are $20, see GG
  • The annual is being put together early, as most of the Committee are going to Brussels, so we all need to update our information and photos now if they need doing.  No-one wants an updated photo except for those who have had face lifts, so check out who has the new photos……..
  • The AGM has been booked and is fairly well organized.  Well done Committee!
  • Pay your subs now as the Committee wants more money  (for Brussels.. maybe).
  • The South of Perth Bunny Run information is being sent out.
  • Haberdash has lots of t-shirts for sale.  They are doing another Group Therapy print and there was some talk about providing your own shirt or not… I really had trouble keeping up at this stage.  See Kebab if you are interested.
  • Mr Wong, is wanting volunteers, Friday night, for whatever it is that he does.  Not Hash related but everyone seems to like going .  At this stage there is 35 Harriettes going and afterwards heading off to a Pink tribute band at The Shed.  I’m sure it will be a great night as Harriettes make every gathering a good one!
  • A number of new names were nominated for Fiona – such as Swamp Fairy, have A Chat and Desperate.  No decision made as yet and we are all on the lookout for some clue to a funny name.
  • Anyname our illustrious GM had a very lovely present for Tea Pot.  (I felt very jealous at this stage) a very cute tea pot that she had bought in her travels.
  • A t-shirt has been designed for Brussels.  If you have ordered one or want to order one please see Cheapy as soon as possible and try a sample on for size.  The shirts will be available to all members at $30 each.  They are a very cute wench type print.
  • Guide Dog had a number of lost property items that was left at her place for the last 3 weeks.


  • Night Fill charged Mary Poppins and Super because they hadn’t stopped talking right through the circle.
  • Occy charged Double D for having the best costume.  I was too busy writing at the back of the circle and Double D is too short for me to see her costume.
  • Kebab charged Cheapy for losing items last week.
  • Jewells charged Squatter for sitting down and Double D for not caring about the circle and going out the front for a smoke.
  • DJ charged Squatter for waiting at home to find out what time she was being picked up….. ha ha  it was DJ’s run.
  • Crack had a drink with Rambling, because when one Crack drinks all Crack’s drink because of Rambling’s authentic plumbers costume…
  • Tutti Fruitti charged Dribble because she had been sitting down all night.

The circle was closed by the sweeeeet harmonies of the Harriettes.  Lucky neighbours.

Next run at my place in Ocean Reef.  Plenty of parking straight across the road from the house in the Ocean Reef Primary School staff carpark as well as plenty of road parking.

On on all, Squirrel.