Xena with co hares Patrick and Zip It set a run through the semi-rural suburb of Swan View. Lots of nuts had to be avoided, a few slips and trips happened. But the best was on the last leg going down Patrick’s driveway, Mary Poppins skidded and fell on the gravel drive way. She now has a nice lump on her forehead and a few scratches.

No Visitors, but we had some returnees, Comet and Butt-Less

Still no Hash name for Fiona! We are hoping to get her pissed at Mr Wong’s and see what happens?!

Birthdays: Banger’s birthday went off with a little bang….one party popper!

Bumbo reached 69 runs. As she said ‘I am a Professional handler not sucker!’ She really did struggle with this down down or suck suck!

Bitchy Britches – Missing in Action!!!

Droopy Boobs – Missing in Action!!!….. or does Guide Dog have them??? The GM and On Sec will check their notes!


  • A charge for Rations for doing the Ball Breaker in China and being the 1st Female Home, Anyname 3rd but being chased by the Chinese Army?!
  • Even Stevens for talking, but she says telling others to stop talking!
  • Xena being charged by Crafty for when the power went out, Xena asked if Patrick would like his stress relieved! Wink Wink Nudge Nudge!!
  • Cheapy charged Kebab for not getting on right bus AGAIN!
  • Coaster charged Backseat and Gorgeous with driving issues!
  • Cheapy charging herself for going voluntarily to travel with Anyname and Kebab in Europe!

Other news

Anyname can take on 2 Chinese Army guys at once

Kebab says travel only with plastic hand cuffs

See Xena for Entertainment Books

Skinny dipping at Swanbourne Beach to break a world record on Sunday. Near Naked Fig Café and Double D’s team is SPF50 if you want to join them

Reminder about Mr Wong’s dinner 11 April 7pm


On On to Commando’s House next week………………..