We all gathered out the front of Guide Dog’s constructions site…err….ummm …..house in our wonderful green St Pat’s attire and given the instructions from the Hare that the run would be short due to a hare, I mean hair cut!!!  (Killer Queen would be bravely shaving her gorgeous head of hair as part of the ‘World’s Greatest Shave 2014’.)  The pack set off on a glorious summer night through the seeming mountainous streets of Sorrento arriving back a little earlier than usual to prepare for the ‘BIG EVENT’!!!

Circle was called by our trusty On Sec GG who ably filled the GM role whilst Anyname was in China at Interhash trying to ensure that Kebab didn’t get arrested.  GG climbed the lofty heights of her podium that even included her very own stable table on which she could rest her wine goblet and declared that we all raise our glasses to the Irish!!

We had lots of visitors who had come along to support Killer Queen:
Kya, Renee, Dianne, Sheralee and Shirley

Hot Stuff was welcomed back after a long absence!  (and has since rejoined….welcome back!!!)

Special Runs:

  • 400 Runs – Show Off
    GG presented her with her wonderful photo collage and couldn’t help but use her GM privileges to comment, “Show Off what fabulous photos, you looked so young back then!!”
  • 469 Runs – Tickets:  Oh dear, she wasn’t ready and hadn’t done her hair!!  Never mind she handled the down down in style and was heard to say that “it was much bigger than at home!!


  • Mary Poppins
  • Chop Suey
  • GG
  • Pumkin

Bitchy Britches:
MIA, Rations has taken them to China!

Droopy Boobs:
Also believed to be in China


  • Gorgeous for being a fabulous Granny Fanny Nanny to Wyatt Peter Groat
  • Choppy was charged by Cheapy for stacking it in the garden
  • DJ and Tuitti Fruitti charged themselves for not bringing a cake for Mary Poppins birthday.

A number of names were put forward for Fiona but none seemed to be the right ‘fit’….we will need to get her p****d and then she may slip up and do something really memorable!!

General Business:

  • Mr Wong’s on the 11 April to meet Mr Right….RSVP to GG
  • Mandurah Nangastock next weekend

The Evening’s Event:
Killer Queen very eagerly positioned herself in readiness to have her locks shaved.  GG commenced proceedings  by removing the ponytail before a number of consultants to assessed the situation and a number of attempts were made to get the clippers clipping, then out of the pack Cookie stepped forward and cleared the ‘thick wood’ with some scissors to enable KQ’s friends to get to the ‘undergrowth’ with the clippers.  It wasn’t long before the number two clippers did their work and left a radiantly smiling KQ content in a job well done and over $1,000 raised for people with blood cancer!!

A well-deserved down down was polished off in double quick order!  We also were saying adieu to KQ who is heading to the East coast for further adventures!!