Since the co-hare is related to a jack rabbit (I’m sure.. wink wink), we knew we were in for a long, tough run even though she assured us it was short (and for the marathoner that she is, it was short). The weather was kind to us offering a little bit of cool air and the pack was champing at the bit.  A well marked trail took us around the streets, through lovely park-lands and up every hill in Hocking/Pearsall. But we all know hills are our friends…… once you get up, you experience the joy of the going down and all good Harriettes enjoy a down down. The pack became a bit spread out but everyone arrived back at DMD’s lovely home having worked up a thirst…. which is one of the goals for a Tuesday night. The others are to have fun, eat, drink and drive home safely. All boxes ticked for me.

HARES:      DMD & Rations called out for a much deserved down down.

VISITORS:  nobody loved us…boo hoo!

NEW MEMBERS:  again nobody loved us…boo hoo!

RETURNEES:  but these girls missed us…. and we missed you Dribble & Crafty…..yay!!!!!!


  • 1100       Seagul
  • 450         Gorgeous 


Cheapy, Guide Dog, Sqota

Rations palmed them off to Deaconess for bagging Gorgeous about getting lost.

Rambling bounced them off to DMD as she had forgotten about her run.


  • Lead by Aunty Val who sat down, screamed and jumped up having wet her pants. Time for Tenas AV 😉
  • Please sign our card for Goodyear. Condolences on the passing of her Dad.
  • Tatts Run next week. 6:30 start, $10, cheap grog over the bar. Be there or miss a damned good night.
  • Quillow Raffle at Palace Run (aka Tatts Run) ….so bring extra money.
  • Numbats run tomorrow night.
  • Wenchy gave a very timely warning about watching your credit card charges in China. There have been lots of incidents where people have been way over charged $5000 instead of $50.00


  • Occy suggested a name for Fiona but Anyname decided No Name tonight. Let’s wait for her to make a silly mistake….. and I’m sure she will  hehe!!!
  • Kebab charged Rambling for getting lucky Sunday night and Rambling dobbed herself in for Monday night too…… you go Rambling
  • Guide Dog charged Occy for running over an arrow and not calling…. let me tell you…. Occy’s not the only culprit!!!!
  • Guide Dog (was on a roll) as she also charged Cheapy for whining (or wining) about her “Flash” birthday cake as she still had a few (but let it not be me who says 4) years to her next big one. I’m not sure what big one Cheapy was referring to either!!!!

Guide Dog lead us into song and Oh!!! Soooo much yummy cake!!

Thanks DMD for a delicious hambugger and great evening.

OnOn to the Palace (aka Tatts) Run!!