This great run was set by Hare Zip It and co-Hares Xena and Patrick.

Head Banger – from Freo and Crankers (and has now joined us too!!!)

Special Run:
Woo Hoo – 100 runs for Gossip Girl, who got to swap her pull ring from the other week for a silver foot!!!

Xena who has presented with a magnificent cake, courtesy if Zip It

Bitchy Britches:
Rations kept them because she did not wear the britches on the run. Just because they are about the same size as she is, was not a good enough excuse.

Fanny Granny:
Down-down was had by Squirrel to welcome her new little Harriette Stella to the world.

Droopy Boobs:

Rambling and the wandering luggage has finally been re-united.

General Business:

  • Palace Joint Run:
    Run is at 6.30pm Tuesday the 4March at the Tatts Club, 2 Plain St Perth.  $10 includes drink stop, nibbles and dinner. Tickets, Concord and Occy are going to set the run and received a well-deserved down-down for volunteering this task.
  • Sunday session with Rick Steele:
    Nollamara RSL on Sunday 16March from 4-7pm
  • World’s Greatest Shave:
    Looking for sponsors for Killer Queen to shave her lovely locks off.  The shave off is scheduled for the circle on the 18 March. Please donate to this good cause.  There is a link to the donation page on the website (in the calendar on the 18 March).  We are also looking for a hairdresser to take her wonderful hair! Any volunteers?????
  • She Wee:
    See Sarge if you are going to China and wish to get one! (Not sure what they are?  Check out the website –


  • Cow Pat for sailing off again and was given a rousing rendition of “We are Sailing”.
  • Seagull for parking in the middle of the road.  (Just because you can)
  • Tip’m for thinking she would be parking in the middle of the park.
  • Rations for de-hydrating on the run
  • Tickets for re-hydrating on the run
  • Loosers – Show Off and Home James
Thanks Zippy foropening your house to us and for the lovely chicken dinner and salads