‘Out the front’ was called, so the Harriettes in their Rotto shirts and Valentine’s Day dress gathered and listened while Anyname passed us over to Wenchy for the run instructions.

We had no horn or runners to lead the pack and find trail but on we went until the trail eluded us and was lost.  We searched and searched to no avail….oh well….back to Wenchy’s – thank God someone knew the way!!!!  Great run even if trail was lost.

CIRCLE was called and our hare Wenchy got a down down for setting the run.


Nikki (GGs friend), AssAssin, Concorde, Sir Cumsize, Jason (who made heart decorations)


Call Me who hasn’t been for a long time.  Puddles was called up by Anyname but had been two weeks before was given a down down for disrespecting the GM.

Special Runs: 

Gossip Girl for 100 runs, but wasn’t expected this week so she received a substitute silver foot in the form of a pull ring on a lovely pink ribbon, looked very ‘special’.

New Shoes:

Super had new shoes last week and got away with it, but wanted to do a down down anyway, although drinking out of her shoe reminded her she still had sand from Rotto in them…..yuk!

General Business:

  • Tatts Run 4th March flyer coming – raffling another quillow for Muddy
  • Subs are due
  • Haberdash (Kebab) will be ordering winter jackets, let her know if you want one.  She also has car stickers.
  • Deb Dalton was named in Rotto.  Her hash name is Teapot but she didn’t turn up tonight.
  • Jewells and Home James were thanked for the excellent job of organising Rotto again, Home James had a down down, Jewells was absent.
  • Killer Queen is already halfway to her goal for World’s Greatest Shave supporting the Leukemia Foundation and will be shaving her head at a Harriettes run on 18th March.

Herk Bear:

Herk Bear was gladly handed over by Chop Suey to DIY for her performance on Rotto.  She wanted to know if she got anything for having diarrhoea……..Wenchy found a Pooh bear for her to loan.

Bitchy Britches:

Tickets passed on the bitchy britches to Rations who jumped in front of the splash car as they were parking in the driveway and was heard to say she wouldn’t have done that if she had realised Gorgeous was driving!

Droopy Boobs:

Rations forgot to bring the Droopy Boobs.  There was definitely a contender in Kebab who parked her car in the 15 minute loading zone at Hillarys, took her bags to the boat and then got on to go to Rotto and forgot about the unlocked car until she was halfway to Rotto.  Luckily her kids have a contingency for their mother’s behaviour and picked the car up without incident. Phew!


  • Deaconess – decided to join the group on the Segways on Rotto and predicted she had six weeks to go until China and that is how long broken bones takes to heal…….she got it, her poor wrist is not happy.
  • Sarge – took the horn to get it engraved and was to bring it back for the run tonight, but bought a house instead (that’s why we had no horn tonight).
  • Leopard and RamblingLeopard was driving Rambling home from the boat back from Rotto and one of them was supposed to go back and pick up their luggage (it was too confusing trying to follow who) but it didn’t happen
  • Half Cut – trying to pick up the lifeguard, Todd, at the Busselton Jetty Swim by getting hypothermia.  Bumbo said two naked bodies are meant to help with hypothermia, probably the last thing on Half Cut’s mind.
  • Fiona – texting in circle – needs a name, keep an eye on her.

Circle was finished with Comet trying to sing our song!

Thanks Wenchy for the yummy feast of roast pork and lamb and vegies.