What time does a 6:30 Run start???

Damned if I know. I got there at 6:31 and everyone had gone.

Off I shot following the chatter and laughter only to find a flock of Kookaburras sitting in an old gum tree. I thought to myself, Self, use all your Hashing knowledge. What is another way to find the group? Ahhh Yes!!! Look for the markings on the ground. But alas, they were all responsible Hashers and not a single empty bottle could I find. So!! Plan Number 3. Ask the guys at the H4 trailer. They headed me down a much churned bush track and I quickly heard another group chatting and laughing. Yes!!! This time it was a group of Hashers. I was so excited I blew my horn and scared the hell out of Super and Jewells.

Butt-Less and Screwy did another fabulous job setting a trail full of falsies and checks which kept the pack wandering along aimlessly together. We meandered through a bit of bushland then crossed over Thomas Rd to wind our way through the back streets, alley ways and dark parts of Subi but, what with all those Hashmen around, did I feel unsafe??? hahaha!!!!

It was a hot evening and everyone was looking for the usual drink stop.  Eyes started looking sideways at each other, faces took on a long, haunted look and tongues began to loll out of their mouths. Tonight we were doing things differently said the Hares. There was no drinkstop.  NO DRINKSTOP!!! The howl went up from those thirsty, exhausted Hashers!!!!  But the Hares had it all under control. They assured us it was a slightly shorter run (only 59mins) and we were On Home. There’s only another kilometre to go. A gradual, slow, leg killing, hill climb kilometre back to the parkland. Phew!! But the coldies were calling us and everyone made it back still full of chatter and laughter. And the kookaburras sat in their old gum tree laughing their heads off at those silly Hashers wandering around their bushland aimlessly.

I didn’t take any notes so I’m afraid I can’t remember names but the circle was full of laughter, pranks and stories that only Hashers can tell. The Song Master was full of great dirties, I mean ditties for us to sing to those recalcitrant members.  Everyone due a down down got one and some who thought they didn’t also got one. There was no ice (thank heaven) so they had to sit corroboree style and swill down the slops, I mean Splash. Mary Poppins, DYI and yours truly nominated/ pushed DJ out the front to represent us Harriettes when GMs were called for. The circle ended with the usual singing of the club songs. Rambling, Wenchy, Dynamo, Half Cut, Occi , Sqotta, DMD and On Heat all did us proud singing in full voice to definitely take off the “We are the Proudest Hash Club Around’ Cup (if there was one of course).

Congratulations to everyone who helped organise another terrific Joint Run and thank you to everyone who came along to add to and enjoy the camaraderie a Hash event always offers.

OnOn and Happy New Year Everyone.