(The information below has been kindly provided by the wonderful Cookie)

  • These recipes will easily and cheaply, serve 40 or so people.
  • When combined with extras, such as recommended, like rice, breads and salads or baby potatoes, which can also be included, they can be stretched a lot further.
  • They are reasonably inexpensive and should come in around $3.50 per person.
  • They are also fairly uncomplicated and don’t require a lot of steps to make, or dishes to wash.
  • You can use your imagination and substitute items as you wish.
  • See a Committee Member well before your scheduled run, to locate the Club Pots (large) for you.
  • Buy well ahead of your booked run to take advantage of specials and freeze some items to save money.

Bon Appetite




It is a good idea to have a very large plastic basin or bowl (to be kept especially for foods) for mixing large quantities.

Crusty breads such as Cob loaves, Tiger bread etc, sliced, is cheaper than buying rolls for big crowds

Salads of your own choice made up in quantities as required for number of people expected.

Boiled or baked baby potatoes are also a good addition with butter, sour cream etc.

Microwave…Cook 1 pack at a time.  Boil water 10 mins high.  Add 1 pack pasta cook 10 mins stand 2 mins drain. Pour over a little oil to keep separate Repeat with each pack.  Or as per instructions for stove top.

Microwave…Cook 1 kg at a time. Boil water 10 mins on high.  Add 1 kg rice cook 12 mins high stand 6 mins.  Drain, rinse with cold water Repeat with rest of rice required. Or as per instructions for stove top.

When used in recipes, can be any ham from deli counter when on special (is good cut on no 8 on a slicing machine) and then diced into 1-2cm squares.

Don’t need to be peeled, (except for patties) as long as they are washed and clean, for other recipes.


Chilli Con Carne

4 kg mince
5 onions
Whole garlic of cloves
4 green capsicums diced
2 kg tomatoes peeled and diced OR equivalent cans diced tomatoes
2 tspn cumin
2 tblspn dried chilli or 4 chopped chillies
1 ½ ltr beef stock or 1 jar beef stock powder and 1½ ltr water
6 x 425g cans red kidney beans

Put all ingredients except canned beans in large pot cook slowly for at least an hour stirring occasionally until cooked.  Add beans, reheat.

Serve with cooked rice and salads of choice.

1kg Rice:  Cook, 500g at a time for 12 mins high micro, stand 5 mins rinse and reheat when ready.


Curried Sausages

60 – 80 thin breakfast or BBQ sausages
1 kg carrots sliced
1 large cabbage diced 2cm chunks
1 kg onions diced or sliced
2 kg frozen peas defrosted before using
3 kg potatoes washed and diced into 2cm chunks
1 jar mild Indian curry paste or curry powder as desired
2 cups plain flour mixed to a paste with water
2 ltr stock powder with water or 2ltr ready to use liquid

Cook sausages in oven 160 degrees celcius 30 mins or until just cooked.

Put all other ingredients except cabbage and flour mix in large pot and cook until tender approx 30 – 40 mins. Add cabbage while hot

Cut sausages into 2cm slices when cool enough to handle, add to other ingredients, bring to boil add flour mixture to thicken. Boil if necessary.

Serve with crusty bread slices and salad of choice.


Fettuccine Carbonara

4 packet fettuccine
1 kg mushrooms sliced
3 onions sliced
2 kg diced ham
2 kg grated tasty cheese
2 x 600ml cream or 3 tins carnation milk
1 small cup plain flour
Water if needed as moisture adder

Cook fettuccine as for pasta in previous recipes

Cook onions 4 mins micro high

Mix all ingredients except cream and flour well.

Sprinkle over flour mix and add cream, use extra water if not moist enough to make a little saucy.

Serve with Crusty sliced breads and salad.

*** Change pasta shape to Penne if desired


Ravioli (Vegetarian if used without ham)

Ravioli can be done in the same way as the fettuccine

Use 6 x 500g packs Ravioli cooked same as pasta or directions on packets

Can be cooked with OR without diced ham


Gnocchi (Vegetarian if used without ham)

The fettuccine recipe can also be used for gnocchi.

Use 6 x 500g packs Gnocchi cooked as directed.


Fried Rice (full meal type)

4 kg Rice
1 kg onions diced
4 kg frozen mixed veg thawed before adding
2 kg Ham cubes cut on 8 on deli slicer (or any mixed meat pieces)
1 jar chicken stock
1 cabbage diced 1-2cm
Cooking oil

Cook Rice:  Microwave 1kg at a time in boiling water with ¼ chick stock added.  Add 1 kg rice cook high 12 mins stand 5 mins. Repeat with rest of rice.  Conventional as instructed on packet.

Drain, rinse and sprinkle oil liberally over each kg as cooked.

Add all other ingredients mix thoroughly put into baking dishes sprinkle over extra oil to get “fried result” in oven.  Heat uncovered 20 mins each tray at 180c- 200c stir once while heating.

Note: The extra oil will give a nice result with rice crisping and browning a little on top.



This can be:

Cauliflower Cheese:
Ham chunks can be added as well as Gnocchi with Ham, Bacon, Spinach, Tuna, or Salmon

Salmon, Tuna, Sweet Corn and Bacon

To any of the mornays, add 3 packs of any shape pasta and usually a large cabbage cut into 1 inch chunks for extra bulk, flavour and texture

Cook pasta as per instructions on pack OR cook in microwave, 1 pack at a time in large bowl 10 mins high.


5 ltr milk (I use full strength and add water)
2 ltr water
4 ½ cups pl flour
2 tspn Salt
3 kg cheese
Extra water

Stove top:
Blend flour and salt with extra water until smooth.  Heat milk and water and 2kg cheese cut in small chunks in large pot until boiling, stir to mix in cheese, add flour mixture while stirring until completely mixed.  If not thickened put back on hotplate and stir over heat until thick



1.            Cauliflower Cheese

3 large cauliflowers
1 large cabbage
2 onions if desired
Bread crumbs
Optional ham or bacon 1.5 kg bacon pieces OR 1.5 kg ham (cut on 8 on deli slicer).

Break cauliflower into flowerets, slice onions mix together and cook approx.

1 cauliflower at a time in large bag in micro for 12 mins or in pan on stove until just tender.

**Add to cooked pasta add uncooked cabbage, and ham or bacon (if using).

Mix well, spread into pans, pour over cooked sauce and sprinkle with remaining grated cheese and crumbs if desired.

Cook all together for 20 mins.

Brown in oven or under grill.

These can be cooked in large foil baking trays.


2.            Sweet corn and bacon

8 large tins sweet corn
1.5 kg bacon pieces
1 large cabbage
2 onions diced, if desired

Cook onion 3 mins high (as per Cauliflower Cheese from **)


3.            Gnocchi

6 x 500g packs gnocchi
2 onions diced
2 kg frozen mixed vegies defrosted before adding

1.5 kg diced ham OR bacon  OR 4 lge tins Tuna Or Salmon

3 bunches silver beet sliced and cooked micro 8 mins high.

Cook Gnocchi as per instructions Cook onion 3 mins High (as per Cauliflower Cheese from **)


4.            Salmon or Tuna

6 large tins Salmon or tuna Drain into mornay sauce, (eat the bones!!!)
2 kg Frozen peas OR Sweet corn OR Mixed veg (defrosted before adding)
3 onions diced

Sliced mushrooms 500g
Sliced zucchini 2 or 3
Broccoli x 3
Sliced half celery

Prepare as per Cauli **


5.            Other Suggestions

It is up to your own imagination as to what you can make into a mornay depending on what you wish to spend.
e.g. Prawns, Smoked Salmon, Mixed Vegies, Asparagus, Spinach and cooked diced potato and chopped hard boiled eggs, champignons.  Diced thick cut salami (2kg cut on 8) with olives and mixed beans and crumbled feta.  You can also add curry flavour to any of the mornays for a change.

Serve them with nice crusty bread (sliced is cheaper than rolls).


Pastie Slice

12 sheets puff pastry Or equivalent pastry rolls (if you have a largish oven)
4 kg mince
1 kg onions diced small
1 kg carrots diced small
500g turnip diced small
300g parsnip diced small
Bunch parsley (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 180c- 200c

Mix all ingredients (except pastry, dummy!!!)

Lightly moisten pastry edges and ends.  Roll pastry over from both sides and turn seam to underneath press ends together.

Repeat with all sheets or rolls.

Cook approx 25 – 35 mins until crisp and nicely browned.

(May need to reduce oven temp if browning too much.)

Serve with your choice of salads. (Bread not really needed with pastry.)


Potato Lentil and Pea Curry (Vegetarian)

5 kg potato peeled and cut 2cm pieces
5 kg sweet potato peeled and cut 2cm pieces
2.5 kg frozen peas
1 jar mild Indian Curry paste
1 cup vegetable oil
1 kg baby spinach leaves
2 litres vegie stock or equivalent vegie stock powder and water
500g Greek yoghurt
6 x 425g tins cooked Lentils OR 300g dried cooked as directed

Heat oil in large pan add curry paste cook 2-3 mins stirring well.

Add potatoes, stock and lentils, if dried. Cover, bring to boil and cook for 20 mins, stirring occasionally until potatoes are tender.

Add peas spinach and yoghurt and lentils if canned and heat until spinach is just wilted.

Serve with Rice and extra Yoghurt if desired.

Serve with Crusty bread slices.


Seafood Laksa (more than a soup)

4 kg packets frozen Seafood Marinara thawed
4 packs thin spaghetti
1 kg carrots sliced
1 cabbage sliced
3 onions
4 tins coconut cream
1 jar mild curry paste
2 heads broccoli
500 g beansprouts
1 litre water (more if more soupy texture required)

Cook spaghetti (as pasta in recipes above)

Put carrots, onions, curry paste and water in large pot bring to boil cook 10 mins. Add cabbage, broccoli, and seafood stir well.

Stir in pasta and bean sprouts just before reheating.

Serve with lots of thick crusty bread slices.


Chicken Laksa

4 cooked large chickens stripped and chopped, can be substituted for the seafood (above).


Spaghetti Noodle

4 pkts Spaghetti (Black and Gold is as good as any)
2 cabbages sliced (less than 1cm)
1 kg carrot straws
1 kg onions sliced
1 litre soy and honey marinade
2 kg ham cut on 8 and sliced into thin strips 2cm long
3 zucchinis sliced into straws
Cooking oil

Cook spaghetti:  Microwave pack at a time in boiling water – 10 mins high drain.  Add oil liberally to stop from sticking together.
Conventional: as directed on packet.

Mix all chopped ingredients thoroughly add more oil in needed to keep separate pour over soy marinade heat in trays, covered with foil, 20 – 25 mins until hot.

Serve with large Green Salad:

2 lge lettuces cut into 2cm slices
1 kg sliced tomatoes
2 long Lebanese cucumbers
300g sliced mushrooms
3 large very green pears sliced
3 carrots sliced
4-5 sticks celery sliced
Avocado if desired
Anything else you like!!!
Dressing of your choice

Sliced nice bread as always is welcome.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

5 pkts spaghetti
5 kg small meatballs (available from deli counters)
**3 ltr prepared spaghetti sauce OR 6 jars sauce mix
2 cups water
1 kg grated cheese (more if desired)
2 large ctns sour cream

Cook spaghetti as pasta in previous recipes.

**Mix spaghetti, meatballs, tomato sauce and water

Heat all together.

Serve with bowl of grated cheese and sour cream.

Serve with green salad and crusty bread slices.


Chicken and Spaghetti

5 pkts Spaghetti
Substitute chicken for meatballs (in recipe above)
60 pieces mixed chicken pieces or 80 drumsticks
3 litres prepared spaghetti sauce OR 6 jars sauce mix
Oil to brush over. Add small amount of water to each baking dish with chicken in.

Cook in oven 50 –60 mins until just cooked.

**Prepare as above


Sweet and Sour Chicken

60 mixed chicken pieces OR 80 drumsticks
1 kg carrots diced into large pieces
1 large cabbage diced 2cm pieces
1 kg onions diced
1 kg frozen peas, thawed
3 large tins Pineapple pieces
2 tins tomato soup
1 ltr apple cider
2 cups plain flour mixed with water to smooth paste

Par cook chicken pieces in oven in dish covered with foil, with a little water for 30 – 40 mins.

Transfer into large pot, add carrots, onions, tomato soup and cider, cook until chicken is tender add pineapple peas and cabbage, mix well bring to boil. Thicken with flour mix.


Curry Chicken

As above, almost…………

Remove Pineapple, tomato soup and cider from recipe
Add 2kg diced potato with carrots etc
Add 1 jar mild curry paste to flour mixture, or more to taste if desired.

Serve with Rice and crusty bread slices.


Tuna OR Salmon Patties

5 kg potatoes peeled and cooked
5 large tins ordinary tinned salmon, drained (not pink or red)
OR 5 large tins tuna in brine, drained
4 onions chopped in food processor if possible
Small bunch parsley chopped
1 small packet Italian herbs or 1 cup fresh if available
(oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil etc)
2 eggs beaten lightly
2 cups plain flour or stuffing mix
Flour and breadcrumbs or stuffing mix to roll in (the patties not you silly!!!)
Oil for frying

Mash just cooked potatoes.  Add all other ingredients, mix thoroughly.

Chill for at least 30 mins.

Roll into balls (with moist hands) Tablespoon size, flatten slightly.

Roll in flour and crumb mixture, fry in shallow oil, turn over, cook until brown on both sides.

Drain on paper towel.

Serve with salads of choice.