I can’t believe it’s that time again already!

Our annual Salvos run took place on Tuesday 26th November at Wireless Hill Park. The run was great. Everyone seemed to keep well together; there was a mix of terrains and of course lots of up hills. Did any of them come down again? I swear they didn’t!

On to the Circle
Well there were lots of visitors and Len the salvos man was up for a non-alcoholic down down.

Everyone seemed to be on his or her best behaviour for our new religious advisor.

Small Goods celebrated her birthday and Rockingham and that’s about all for the special runs.

On heat was up for a down down for her new pink shoes.

Shorty was up promoting the new fundraiser hash quillows (it’s a quilt that folds up into a pillow). Genius!  The first of the two that she has made is from Muddy’s beloved Hash T-shirts and a Silent Auction will be held for the Perth Harriettes.

Cow Pat took a tumble on the run and came up with a few scrapes.

The food was great and chat was too. Great work everyone I’m sure we will have brightened up a few Christmas’s this year. Keep up the good work. The best gift is the gift of giving.

On on to my place next week.

Lone Ranger