What a beautiful night for a wander through Edgewater. A few challenging hills, trail washed out and some ex-Hash man trying to send us on his own false trail lead to a very enjoyable, fun time for all. 

The Circle

Hare/ Co Hare:
and Squirrel were called out to lap up their down downs. The howl went up ‘One animal laps all animals lap’ and so down went the pen and paper and out the front we all went. 


Coming to check us out Sue 1 and Sue 2, Nicky, Rusty Tits

Get out the front you two with a life

New Member:
Welcomed to the fold Renata

Special Runs:
100 –  DMD
300 –  Tutti Fruitti
400 Crafty 

Why was she born so beautiful??? DMD (two cakes for this much deserving Harriette) 

Droopy Boobs Nominees:
Backseat because she locked herself in her garage    ***WINNER***

Even Stevens opened a ginger beer and drank cookies’ cider 

General Business:

  • Uncle Fester’s memorial run 4:00pm Saturday Nov 12 @ Tatts Club
  • Running with the Bulls @ Boddington next weekend (Oct 29/30)
  • Whores’ Run Nov 5 – $2 sweeps
  • Halloween @ Home James – please park in carpark at shopping centre
  • Dunny Bus – please try and get dropped off as there’s street verge collection and your car may go too.
  • Runamok Bali – Roll On broke her wrist at the Red Dress Run (apparently she did it gracefully)

 Charges: A noisy, tit for tat, hilarious session

  • Kebab charged Anyname as she promised her daughter would do a head job; ‘I’ll do anything…. actually my daughter will!!!’
  • BB charged GG for buggering off overseas after she’d pushed her friend out of the car
  • Sarge charged Even Stevens for her drinking offence
  • Sarge charged Show Off for standing on the false trail marking wondering where she should be going???
  • Show Off charged Coaster for withdrawing her name from Dunsborough once she found out Show Off was going
  • GG & Squirrel charged our visitors Peanut (Sue) & Chestnut (Nicky) for chatting, thinking they were Royalty using the front door and requesting real wine glasses
  • Peanut (Sue) tried for a reverse charge…..all the cheek of a Royal

 Jewells got Super out to sing the song then we were treated to a delish supper. 

Fantastic evening. Thanks Camel

 On On