We had a lovely run through Wembley; lucky for us the weather wasn’t too bad.  A lovely dinner of homemade pasties was enjoyed by all. Thanks Liberty.

Special Runs:

On Heat                   200 runs
                     50 runs

Camel                       400 runs
Even Stevens       1000 runs





Droopy Boobs:

Are being retained by Radio GaGa who ‘forgot’ to bring them to the run.

Bitchy Britches:

Were passed on to Splatter for saying a ‘catsuit’ would look like a ‘fatsuit’ on the rest of us!!!

Down Downs:

  • Ballbreaker for having no Hash gear on
  • Chop Suey for breaking her foot
  • BallBreaker charged Kebab who has gorgeous looking kids and wondering where they came from.  Anyname reckons they take after their grandmother.
  • Wombat charged Xena for ‘going down on nuts’ – not too sure what that was about but it sounded good also for making a comment about ‘fitting two people in Kebabs tshirt’ again not too sure about that one.
  • Seagull got charged for falling over.
  • Zipit got a reverse charge because Splatter had a Hash jacket on
  • Jewells charged Ballbreaker something to do with a sore back.
  • Leopard got charged for leaving her jacket at Comet’s run

General Business:

  • If going to Dunsborough see Jewells and Home James for money and tshirt sizes
  • We raised $2100 last week for Melanoma WA- well done everyone
  • Don’t forget Boddington Running of the Bulls 2nd November!!!

Memorial run for Uncle Fester at this stage will be a Saturday, hopefully at the  Tatts Club, details will follow as we get them

On On