Apologies for this write up being so late ladies – the lazy tart ex GM forgot!!! Thanks to Wombat for setting the run with Aunty Val – isn’t she just a gem. Great run as always Aunty and loved the calling too Wombat … We went “Hash Right” (we actually went left), then we went “Hash Left” (actually we went right), then we went “Hash Right” (this was actually right), we stopped by a cute little shop somewhere on trail then on home! I think Wombat should learn her Left and Rights with her grandies!!!! Circle (Run by our lovely On Sec as our GM was frolicking around in a pool with a cocktail in Bali somewhere – I like your style!!!) Hares: Aunty Val, Wombat Visitors: Grundy (Aunty Val’s niece) and Lauren (Aunty Val’s great niece) – yes another one!!! Returnees: Camel, Comet and Guide Dog Happy Birthdays: Seagul, Buttless 69ers: Jewells 969 and Thrifty 269 Droopy Boobs: Seagul for going to Comet’s house tonight instead of Aunty Val’s! The next week is Comet’s run Seagul… Charges: – Wombat for calling hash left on a right turn and vice versa!!! She was so confident about her calling too!!! – Comet for not hearing Wombat being charged and trying to charge her again  – Ball Breaker for saying she was skinnier than Gorgeous. – Camel for being awesome **insert real charge here – I cant remember!** Like always, circle was ended with a lovely home cooked meal by Aunty Val followed by tomato cake from Cookie  On On Comet P.S Can everyone remind Seagul it is definitely my run next week!!!