In case anyone bothers to read any of my drivel at all I’d like to express my sorrow in the way we behave as a group at our circles.

We are not in school-asides and interjections have always been acceptable, but now there is so much noisy conversation that we are frequently asked to, “Shut up!” This happens right from the start- between the GM thanking Hares, welcoming visitors, waiting for celebratory cakes etc. I find myself watching visitors and wondering what they are thinking and I feel ashamed of what is just plain rude.  Surely we can do better than this.

Lately wet Tuesdays have put a dampener (ha ha) on hash nights but after a shower at the start we actually enjoyed being out in clear conditions with Wombat keeping us on trail.

Hare: Sarge ably assisted by Home James

Visitors: Two young spunks – no, now I remember, Halfway and Coops.

Returnee: Welcome back Cleopatra

Special Runs: Chop Suey – 100 runs and Jam Tart – 350

Birthdays: Anyname with many candles to be lit –“One flash and I’m ash!” and we remembered Butt-Less and Eager Beever in their absence.

69ers: Sqota and Muffet

Naming:  Gossip Girl’s sister in law, Debbie has been named Radio Gaga – double gees all round in the family.

Bitchy Britches: Roll-on was happy to give them to Show Off for suggesting Sarge’s shanks are more mutton than lamb.

Droopy Boobs: Wombat loves them still.

Lone Ranger dobbed in Freebie for having new shoes!!!

Thanks to all the cake makers.

Remember to bring raffle items for Close to the Heart  joint run in memory of Muddy.

On On

Aunty Val