Comet’s “Swan Song”


AGM – “Come Dressed as a Song”

13 August 2013

Run #: 1820

Carine Open Space

We were called to “The Best Disco in Town” for a “Celebration” “Coz! Baby we were born to Run”.

As “Sisters, Doing It for Ourselves” we were out to get “Satisfaction” and be “Simply the Best”.

Let’s not make it a “Long Run” and definitely no “Running Up That Hill’ as we wanted to “Get Back” and “Watch the boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by” before those boys got really “Physical” on the footy field and we started “Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!”  And as any good Harriette knows, we needed to “Raise Your Glass” full of “Pina Colada (but we weren’t getting caught in the rain), “Red, Red Wine”, “Champagne Showers” and “We Love to Have a Beer with Duncan” or anybody else for that matter!

Comet called “Hello! Is it Me You’re Looking For?”


Although there was “No Charge” for the outgoing committee there were definite charges for these:

Zip It:              “I Only Have Eyes For You”….well one eye anyway!!!!

Jagger:           “It’s Been a Long Time”

Squirrel:         Too Young To Be Married, Too Young To Be Free

Home James:  for providing us with more than “Mashed Potato, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

Backseat:        “Come Back To Me” or to Us Really!!!

And we were “Missing You” but she’s “Closer to Our Hearts” our very dear “Angel” Muddy “Love Lifts Us Up” and her mate Ballbreaker (“I’ve been Everywhere Man!”) Sam (“Wish You Were Here“), Tip’M (“Dancing Queen”) and Squota/Aunty Val (“Holiday”).

“Sing! Sing A Song! Sing out Loud, Sing Out Strong”

Those who got their two minutes (or even less) of “Fame!” and received Comet’s “Bang a Gong”:

“Devil Woman”                                   Buttless, DJ, Gorgeous, DMD, Temperance

“The Thong Song”                              Wenchy

“Mustang Sally”                                  Mustang

“Killer Queen”                                    Rosie

“Heard it through the Grapevine”          Rice Bowl, Nightfill (well Nightfill “James Herd it”

“Flower of Scotland”                           Roll On

“A Scottish Soldier”                            Maggie Broun

“When the Saints Go Marching In”       Seagul, Banger, Liberty, Oasis

“Sadie, the Cleaning Lady”                  Cookie, Backseat, Show off

“Poetry in Motion”                               Jewels, Pumpkin (they sang some song they didn’t know!)

“Poker Face”                                     Lori

“Sadie the Cleaning Lady”                   Backseat, Cookie and Show Off (we put them to work too!)

“Born in the USA”                              Double D (and yes she sure was!)

“Little Ray of Sunshine”                      Gossip Girl (or maybe “Here Comes the Sun” or maybe the sun just shines out of her a***!

Sarge started us in song with “We’re Climbing up the Sunshine Mountain” and then there were those “I’m Not Singing a Song”:

Pretty in Pink was OTT, Purple People Eater (Cowpat), Blew (Blue-He), Eye of the Tiger (Coaster), Phantom of the Opera (Home James and Shorty), (Jagger) had the “Moves Like Jagger“,  Cheap Wine and a Three Day Growth (No No), Fairies Wear Boots (Puddles), Candy Girl (Rations), Money, Money, Money (Thrifty), Witch Queen of New Orleans (Xena), and another “Witchy Woman” called Rambling, Crafty came as Susan Boyle…(Yes she got the theme wrong but as she said – her name is Crafty!!), Chop Suey….I’m a Rock Chick in a Hard Rock World, Commando was a Rhinestone Cowboy, Debb was “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (with lots of “Cocaine“), Freebie…”Livin’ next Door to Alice…Alice Alice who the F is Alice?“, Black Widow (Goodyear), Forever Young (Harlequin).

Horny was “Singing in the rain” from the band Wet, Wet, Wet (ha!), “What’s New Pussycat?” Jeanne, “Blue Hawaii” La Fitz, Leopard was “The one that I Want“, Lone Ranger sent us all Ga Ga as “Paparazzi“, Moose said it was “Raining Men” (and we all ducked for cover!), Muffet was “Hiawatha“, “Cowgirls don’t Cry” (On Heat), Splatter had on a “Short Skirt, Long Jacket“, “Day Tripper” (Stiffy), “War” (Tutti Fruitti), “Material Girl” (Zip It), and “There was a Red Back on the toilet seat” named Pumpkin!

First you were made to “Sing for Your Supper”, then you were invited to “Be Our Guest” and “Eat it, Just Eat it” but there weren’t any complaints as the food was “Yummy, Yummy Yummy”!!

On On was heard through the “Dancehall” and 12 “Sensational” Tina Turners charged onto the dance floor for a bit of “Nut Bush”/ “Hash Bush”, all the same. There were plenty of “Oooobladi Oooobladaaahhs” from the “Girls! Girls! Girls”!!!  Happy snaps taken and the all important announcement of the “New Kids in Town” in quiz style “Fashion” by our new “Leader of the Pack” GM – Anyname!

Now it was your “Turn, Turn, Turn” to “Boogie Oogie Oogie” There wasn’t quite “Murder on the Dance Floor” but there were some “Dancing Queens” others “Zombies”, some “I got Rhythm” others “I can’t Dance”, some “Footloose” others “Shake Your Booty” whilst some were “I’m still standing” others “Lean On Me” but all were having the “Time of Your Life

Calls of “I’ll be there for You” and “Happy Days” ended another successful Harriettes night with many waking up with “The Worst Hangover Ever!” but great “Memories“… well some anyway!!!

Combined effort of Wombat, Cheapskate and Kebab