A very eloquent presentation of this poem by La Fitz finished off the Circle happenings – rather grim but something to ponder on while helping oneself to the splash and other offerings in the eskies!!


The Demon Drink   by William McGonagall ( the worst poet in Dundee, c.1890)


Oh, thou Demon Drink, thou fell destroyer,

Thou curse of society, and it’s greatest annoyer.

What hast thou done to society, let me think,

Ah, thou hast caused the MOST of ills, thou Demon Drink.


Thou hast caused the Mother to neglect her Child,

And also the Father to act as if wild,

So that he neglects his loving Wife and family dear,

By spending his earnings on whiskey, rum and beer.


And after spending his earnings he beats his Wife,

The man who promised to protect her for life!

And so the man would, with no drink in society,

For seldom a man beats his Wife in sobriety.


And if he does, perhaps he finds his Wife fou’

Then that causes no doubt a great hullaballoo.

When he finds his Wife drunk he begins to frown,

And in a fury of passion, he knocks her down.


And in that knockdown, she fractures her head,

And perhaps the poor Wife, she is killed dead.

Whereas, if there was no drink to be got,

To be killed wouldn’t be the poor woman’s lot.

La Fitz xxx