On a wet rainy night, The heavens opened,when all sensible people would be
tucked up in their nice warm beds but No the Homeless Harriettes turned up
at Sarge,s Factory ,cause they heard the Soup Kitchen was open.

Trail was set by Cookie,all washed out but that didn’t deter the Homeless Harriettes
with their instruction envelopes it was ON ON. Cookie incidently had
been knocked off her bike by a Gopha, Dangerous things those Gophas
!!!Luckly she wasn’t badly hurt.The rain was pretty heavy and only the true
runners carried on. Great job Cookie.Then ON ON into the nice warm factory
for circle.

Circle then was run by EX GM Xena whle Coaster handed out Baby
Competion Forms to be filled out  (Results coming later )*
*RETURNEES…………Xena welcomed our Returnees Embryo and Embrettes.
(Maddie and Marley) and Catchem Kristy. Great to see you girls again*
*Congratulations then to Rosie (Mustang,s daughter ) who turned 18 (The
official age to join ) She has been waiting patiently to turn 18. She wore
her Perky Tits T,Shirt. Well done Rosie She was given a Group Therapy Shirt
*SPECIAL RUNS…….La Fitz has done 1000 Runs, Great achievement. She was
presented with a magnificent Quillow made by Shortie, Cake and a Badge.*
*EXGM,S BABY Contest was won by our great Leader. Comet with 14 out of 17.
Some got nil, Some got 7 or 8.Well done Comet you deserve a bottle of wine.*
*BIRTHDAYS…. Puddles ( Not here again ! Kebab had made a jelly cake.
Never mind (Occy bought a Mudcake last week)*
*Wenchy, Rosie and Sarge all birthday Girls presented with cakes. Yummy
cakes all round.*
*BITCHY BRITCHES,………RATIONS   has and will keep  Few contenders.
Rambling for multiplying Wenchy s age*
*DROOPY BOOBS………….GUIDE DOG also has and will keep. Contenders .
Cookie for not giving away to the Gopha,Leopard  (Cant remember why)

On On