Great photo says it all and Wombat’s clever lyrics!!!

BLUE DRESS RUN                       PHHH Run No 1810            4 June 2013

We came by bus, we came by car

Us hashers came from near and far

So many clubs were represented

The young, the old and demented


For passers-by it was quite a sight

To see us dressed so blue and bright

Attention ordered by blow of the horn

OnOn was called and we were gooorn…


We ran here and we walked there

The Blue Brigade was everywhere

The streets of Freo were such a sight

Us hashers going left and right


Thanks to Screwy and Buttless too

Their drink stop had a porta-loo

Then off again and ON ON home

Through the streets and past the Dome


Anyname called us to muster

Then wobbled high above the cluster

To make the Circle a time for fun

The greatest way to end the run


The food that night was fish and chips

A meal to make us lick our lips

Catching up with a few wines and beers

Was attested to by all the cheers


As all good things do, it came to end

But not until we’d made a new friend

And a promise to see you again next year

Last drinks were called and the area made clear


We got in our cars and closed our doors

Thanks to all those who supported the ‘Cause’

Well done you Hashers you should be praised

You helped Motor Neurone with the money raised



Many Thanks to Anything (Rocky City) for allowing the plagiarism.

Wombat (PHHH)