Hares: Nightfill & Pumpkin

What great weather for setting a run – no rain, hopefully it will be the same for my run next week.
Very well set run, plenty of arrows although we seemed to lose the pack very early on.  Too much talking a not paying attention on our behalf?
We returned in time to grab a drink have a few nibbles and more natter and it was time for the circle.

Visitors – Yellow Bird,Jolly Virgin, Kristy, Rusty Tits, Concord and last but not least the groom Adam back from his honeymoon.

Returnees – the bride herself Comet, Leopard and Seagal.

Special Run – Liberty’s 1400th. Banger and Aunty Val made a spectacular cock-in-the-bush cake
which was to die for (it’s been a while) and we sang a little ditty to the tune of star spangled banner which Banger penned. All very creative and talented you lot. Will I reach 1400 runs? I don’t think so. Well done Liberty.

Birthdays – gosh cakes everywhere for Rations, Cleopatra, DJ and Tickets. Happy Birthday to all.

Bitchy Britches – these went from me to Gorgeous who was heard to comment to someone that it didn’t seem like 4 weeks that Comet had been gone, because she didn’t even miss her! I am sure that Comet definitely didn’t miss us!

Charges – Firefly for setting wake-up alarms in NZ ( I hope I got this right),
Firefly, Matchbox and Cheapy leaked the secret drink stop  for Blue Dress Run as the usual, Monument Hill, so half the pack made their way there and no it wasn’t there. They also got charged for having their own  private drink stop at Little Creatures.
Jewels charged Roll On because when she saw her at Whitfords Shopping centre, Roll On was raving about her grandson asking Jewels if she had ever seen anything so gorgeous and his birth was the happiest day of her life. Jewels said, “what about yours girls”? Roll On replied “WHO”? Yes it’s easy to see at Hash that she feels nothing for them!
Tickets for going away in a Jayco with Concord for ages.
Splatter and Harlequin for making chairs to match their pants.

Have I missed anything/one. Oh well to those, SORRY.
See you next week.
OnOn Even Stevens