Hare: Sam

Sam did us proud with strong, clear arrows that withstood the inclement  conditions of the evening on the first of our ‘winter-type’ runs for this year.  Rugged up in raincoats and brollies a loyal group of followers set out to weather the storm while others in the group  – not mentioning any names here – chose the warmth of the Wembley bar in preference to getting a little exercise.

The wet and bedraggled joined the dry and smug looking group for dinner in the food hall. Comments from around the tables indicated that the food was okay and it seemed there was great reminiscing about the recent trip to Brisbane.

The GM had found or borrowed a new toy for the evening and had fun talking through the mini megaphone making us all feel we were shop assistants in a Coles store, and ensuring that the aisles were all cleared by closing time.

Down Downs: To the hare – Sam for a great run, despite the weather.

No visitors fronted tonight.

Returnees : Some of the girls that travelled to Brisbane – Anyname, Kebab, Double D, DJ, Sarge

Bitchy Britches and Droopy Boobs put on hold as respective custodians turned up missing.

Charges: Mary Poppins for returning from holidays in Germany.

 Seagul for wanting to take off to Canada and Alaska for holidays.

DJ, Homey, Kebab, Cheapie, Jewells, Camel and Concord for slacking off and spending the run time in the bar.

Comet for clarifying that despite the opportunity to have 2 husbands she and Adam would be spending time together on the honeymoon to consummate the marriage, Concorde was not invited.

For those who braved the weather another great night at HASH and I only heard a few comments about the complete absence of any cakes which of course meant we were unable to end the evening on a sweet note.

On On to the next time we meet.