Hares: Jewells, Anyname, Kebab, Aunty Val & More

T’was a lovely evening for an outdoor wedding, and the setting was perfect in the beautiful Mawson Park. The gazebo looked a treat with a lovely banner, and who would ever have guessed the elegantly dressed altar was actually the barbecue.

The only thing lacking was well, er the lighting, but we all know love is always better in the dark!!

The bridal party looked very speccy in their “hashtedo’s” and pink frilly skirts, and Comet was just a picture in her dazzling white number, not to mention her dashing stand in groom Concorde, who is quite the actor! There were also some stunning dresses in the crowd I think everyone will be lining up to borrow for their next big night!

After a quick bridal waltz around the block it was straight into our old favourite toilet roll and plunger game to get the party started. Aunty Val was a superb celebrant in making everything official, and remindingComet to keep the future generations of harriettes plentiful!

A short and sweet circle:

Visitors- Irene, although not sure she had a drink as no one could find her!

Returnees- Cowpat and DMD who has been to South Africa.

Special runs- Dynamo who has done 200 runs, well done!

Birthdays – Rambling and Cowpat

Charges- Kebab, Jewells and Anyname for their top notch wedding planning, Deaconess, Puddles, Coaster, Butless for Brisbane NashHash and Concorde, Tickets and Aunty Val for being the all important groom, best man and celebrant.

Wedding fare was chicken and salad and wedding cake and Anyname’s chocolate thingees, yummo! Well done girls on another great night, hear the hare next week is AWESOME!

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