THE NIGHT: (was dark and stormy, the lavy light was dim, I heard a splash, then a crash…Good God the GM’s fallen in)

Yummy champagne spiders, hot pop corn and the committee in their hot! hot! hot!, pink & grey striped,  “Onesys” and ‘Do Not Distrub’ Eyemasks greeted us Harriettes as we gathered at the Nollamara Tennis Club with our blankies, teddy bears, pillows and slight sense of apprehension since the last committee event….the  Christmas Grinch Night. Ahhh!! All is forgiven so let the entertainment begin for our 1800 Slumber Party Run. YAHOO!!!


Comet called everyone, including their little stuffed pals, to pay attention to Wombat who had a very difficult run organised…..once around the park and back so we don’t miss out on all the fun and yum.

We arrived back from the exhausting trail hungry, thirsty, looking for more excitement….and we were not let down.

There were hot party pies, little boys, and sausage rolls, plenty more to drink and games to play. Comet got everyone up for a game of Heads and Tails which Crafty and Super proved to be far too knowledgeable for the rest of us. Then we played the ever popular Musical Statues……. kids will be kids…. the cries of…… I’m not out! I didn’t move! She was moving not me! You’re picking on me! were heard but Bluey and Lorri showed us all how to be frigid….I mean how to freeze. Shorty did give the committee a bit of a helping hand by kicking the mass of balloons around causing some interference to the contestants (or so they said).

We Slumber Party kids had built up another big appetite from playing all those games so out came delicious gourmet pizzas. We were then treated to Matchbox’s sensational 1800 cup cakes and the delicious cakes from the special runs and birthday. (I am salivating just remembering and writing about the food)


THE CIRCLE:   (ring, a ring, a rosie)

While we were all lying around sated, Comet got on her stand to welcome everyone including visitor Jennifer and Returnees: Stiffy, Wenchy and Blew-He to the celebrations and presented each Harriette with their very own pillowslip, embroidered with our foot, for us to use on those fabulous weekends when no one gets any sleep.

SPECIAL RUNS:    Deaconess 200, Roll On 500 (Cookie created another amazing sewing master piece), 69ers   Freebie (69) and Show Off (369)

BIRTHDAYS:         Pumpkin (yay!! more cake)

BITCHY BRITCHES: (are we allowed to say bitchy???)

Commando charged Shorty for peeing her off by having some fun with the balloons (the mind boggles) and Freebie charged Xena for complaining about her view (down under the GM). Shorty won the night but didn’t take the britches too welcomingly so the GM had to use a stern voice (to no avail), then she had to get down off her soap box, reach up and grab Shorty by the ear then march her to the Flash….. You’re terrible Shorty!!!

DROOPY BOOBS: NFI. I was so busy recording all Shorty’s misdemeanours and anyway, we’re too young for boobs.

CHARGES: (ooowahhh! We’re telling on you!!!)

Cleopatra became a granny to a Harriette.

Chop Suey, Bumbo, Cleopatra and Sphinx didn’t realise it was our 1800th.  (Do they still get the pressie???)

Xena argued with and Sarge whispered not nice things about the GM.


Busselton got Nash Hash 2015 and want to know if we have any of their hats. Shorty has some wool for crafty people.

March 28 SOP Bunny Run (Under the bridge with you bottle in a paper bag please girls)

April 12 Perth Harriette’s Sun Downer 6.30pm Merriwell Bar, Crown Casino, Burswood (venue might change so check website before you head off)

May 14 Pink Bra run

22nd April Anzac Joint Run with Bullsbrook Hash 6.30 start


Seagul finished the circle with a joke. The happy Harriettes then sat around talking, laughing and finishing off their drink before they were given a lolly bag and sent home before they turned into pumpkins. Great night was had by all.


OnOn to Supers (and don’t forget your torch)

Anyname & Wombat