Hare: Cheapskate

The Harriett’s gathered on a Hot Bentley night, bathers in hand for after run swim. GM called for all ladies out the front for the start of the run, and set them off at a slow pace with much chatting and happy birthdays for Cheapy. Around the suburb we went checked out the hospital and through the parks and then on home through the slums Cheapy was heard saying. Back home and bombies in the pool.

Circle– All gathered around the pool with the GM wadding in the lovely cool pool.

Hare: Big down down for Cheapskate the birthday girl and her two lovely daughters Jade and Shannon.

 Visitors: Some visitors drinking poolside, Lorrie, Sarah and Richalee something I’ll never be (thanks Pumpkin).

Returnees: Guidedog (her BD last week)

Birthdays: The lovely Cheapskate, the chatty Guidedog and the gorgeous Sqota, “happy birthday ladies”.

69ers:  Sarge had another go at the Penis cup for her massive 1369er. Awesome still got what it takes he he he.

Bitchy Britches: were missing in action.

Droopy boobs: After much discussion Puddles got to keep them. Yep I lost the plot and didn’t write the reason down oops.

Charges: Gorgeous charged for being a bitch in circle.

GM charged Arzy for not coming to hash last week because she had to pick up her boyfriend from wrist surgery.

Ballbreaker for being a super model.

Double D for having bruisers on her legs- (tattoos).

GG on Commando for doing bombie in the pool.

Maggie Broon on gorgeous for “What Fu,,,King Birthday cake” Gorgeous was getting picked on.

Kebab on Sarge for having black rings around her eyes because some smart ass male told her that it was because she has too much anal sex, WTF.

General Business included all the details of the Tats run next week, see anyname flyer. Rocky City Pink Breast Run on 14 MAY, also see the flyer from anyname.

Lots of lovely food, cake, ice-cream and drinks

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