Hares: Pumpkin & Night Fill

Well done Pumpkin and Night Fill for a great run. Thanks for taking us through Hillarys past all the fancy restaurants people dressed to dine while we are all sweating our asses off!

Run was set at a great pace and the pack stayed together.

We had a few visitors Hothead, Mary, Flach and Marblet. Badger was a returnee and was joined by all the animals for a down down.

Thrifty had her 250 run and a yummy carrot cake made by Coaster. Coaster and Shorty were presented with their gifts for a 700 and 800 run.

Arz About celebrated her 26th birthday on our harriette’s rotto weekend.

Squirrel was up for a 69er. 269 runs woohoo you go girl.

A fair few contenders for bitchy britches, Kebab and Gorgeous were up for nomination but Seagull took the cake for asking Jewels what her deal was. “Riding a bike? What do you think your occy?”

Puddles took the droopy boobs for mistaking shower gel for deodorant on rotto. In her defence I was there and they did look similar.

Herk bear was given to Matchbox after a very messy night on rotto. She didn’t recover for 3 days!

Jam Tart was up for a charge for getting lost on the way to the run, Matchbox and Muffet forgot to wear a hash top this week so it was a down down for them and lots of charges for the rotto girls but I won’t mention them because what happens on rotto stays on rotto!


See you next week girls at my place!

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