Hares: Gossip Girl & Mary Poppins

Well they say that if it is good it is worth waiting for! Now I am not referring to the actual write up but the recall of the wonderful run and evening we had at Gossip Girl’s place.

After sending her driver the wrong way the writer and driver arrived at the venue balancing Leopard’s cake and having fun getting through everyone as they were enthusiastically gathering at the front. Obviously missed the instructions but didn’t really need them for such a well set run.  Those hills certainly tested us but the view was great. There were a few nostalgic comments as we passed the College and even Rambling and I could remember a couple of terms of Italian.



Hare and Co Hares :  Thanks for a good run Gossip Girl and Mary Poppins. Our Kitchen Bitch Jeremy was also awarded a drink for his much anticipated culinary delights. (He deserved more than one as the meal was delicious!)

Visitors: Welcome to Karen, The ‘Brun’ family-Sarah & Evie, Skimpy & Agnes.

Returnees: Camel, Octopussy, Squirrel, Maggie Brun & Halfcut

New Members: Rosie – All Perkies join her in a drink

Special Runs: Halfcut 250 – Congratulations

Birthdays: Comet & Leopard

Christening: Anne is now to be known as Pat Down

Britchy Bitches: both the britches and Ball Breaker the current recipient were absent.

Droopy Boobs: Puddles receives them

Charges On:

Puddles for her comment of ‘What a lovely baby- how did you produce that.

Commando by Coaster for not wearing a Hash shirt.

Splash by Pumpkin re sweet grape juice as the labels had come off but it was reversed.

Liberty by Mary Poppins for referring to Banger as being middle aged

Minder by Wombat for heading off to Port Hedland the next day.


General Busines:

Pay your deposit for Rotto and ensure your T-Shirt is ordered.

Another run is being done for the summer t-shirts. Order one or bring your own tank top well labelled for printing.

Car Stickers are available for all those unadorned cars.

Lost Property:

Kebab for a freezer bag but it was reversed as she sent chook food in to Anyname


Aunty Val – Pink Bits


Xena, Temperance & Kebab are now centrefold material in the latest World Hash magazine.

Congratulations to La Fitz for becoming a Granny Fanny Nanny again. Embryo has endeavoured to enlarge our ranks with the birth of Madeleine Clare.


Sorry this si so late girls but hop you enjoy recalling the run.

Thanks for a great evening Gossip Girl.