Hare: Rambling

With the weather topping 38 during the day, the Harriettes were in for a hot and sweaty walk, but, the Hash God (yes, she is a woman) cooled down the temperate considerably and turned our evening run into a pleasant night.

Our Hare set a great trail and we ended up at the Elldersdale Park, Warwick where our illustrious GM rewarded our Hare, Rambling with a well-deserved down down.

It was a night for the daughters, Comet welcomed our visitors Rosie (Mustangs daughter), Bewitched (Evan Stevens daughter) and Kim for a down down.

Xena, the princess warrior has been out on the trail for 250 runs and was congratulated by the flock, and the Sphinx, who normally lays quiet and watches over the flock has achieved the momentum total of 50 runs.  Well down ladies.

January is a great month for birthdays, and we were treated to the yummiest, most delicious, must- have more Lemon “light has fluff” cake prepared lovingly by Home James for Ball Breaker and Jewels birthdays.  Even Stevens celebrated turning the big 60 (you look so young), again with a kick arse chocolate cake (I think I had 3 pieces) and a hooray happy birthday to Leopard.

Coaster passed on the Bitchy Britches to Ball Breaker who said that the Harriettes were all too FAT and no cake was needed! What the…. your apology still to be accepted!!!

And the Droopy Boobs was awarded to Freebie who thought flashing a torch up Lone Rangers britches and showing the world her pink bits to find out how a little ant could cause so much damage.  .  I hope you spared the Ant.

Jam Tart was charged for out courgaring Gossip Girl on New Year’s Eve!  Dancing the night away with the world’s number 1 tennis player Novak ‘I’d like to jog you a bit’.  And Lone Ranger and Freebie were charged for being twins wearing the same gear!

And true to her name, a little Embryo has grown to a big Embroyo, welcome baby Madeline Claire to the Hash.  Congratulations to La Fitz, the proud Grandmother.

And all kudos goes to Anyname, who skilfully pulled Jewels and Home James out of retirement to help with the organisation of Rotto again (thanks ladies, we need you). And a happy down down was gleefully bestowed on both of them.

Anyname was also charged for “holding the floor” beautifully at last week’s run!  Nerves did not get the better of her and you did us proud and kicked arse.

General Business

If you have put your name down for Rotto, please pass on your $10 deposit to Anyname.

If you are attending Brissy Nash Hash, skit practice is at Kebabs, Sunday, 13 January at 2pm.  Bring your tits and your singing voice.

A message from Wenchy, via the Rabbit that the NSW Hash Relay is on the 7-9 September in Coffs Harbour.  It’s a hoot of a weekend with cool pool games, entertaining, exciting fun activities, heaps of walks, runs and guess what… drinking!!!

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