Hares: Cookie

The Run:

It was a smaller than usual group that gathered for the instructions. Comet our illustrious GM was sick L so the ever capable Anyname called the babblers to order. We all set off into the beautiful night for our run/ walk/ meander through the parks, burbs, vacant blocks (yuk!!!  I hate sand in my shoes) of Martin. The parkland had a wonderful scent of eucalypts and gardenia and appeared it would be beautiful to walk through during the day. There were few checks, the false trails were long and the walk trail was well set to keep the pack in touch with the front sprinters. Cookie did it tougher than most carrying and/or cajoling her gorgeous granddaughter; (older granddaughter, so we found out at the end of the night when a beautiful new bubby appeared out of thin air). There was a double congratulation in order for Penny – one for her beautiful new daughter and also a big Happy Birthday. We hope you enjoyed your birthday evening; we thoroughly enjoyed your birthday cake Mum baked.

The Circle:

Everyone was asked to charge their glass and toast Escargot. (Kebab was at Rocky City’s run in memory of Escargot). Ball Breaker confirmed the arrangements for our beautiful Muddy’s funeral and requested Harriettes to wear bright colours and bring along a plate of cakes, slices, biscuits as Mudguard had arranged for savoury food to be served.


Bitchy Britches: Wenchy kept them

Droopy Boobs: Backseat kept them

Herk Bear:  Our illustrious GM kept them (and may have deserved them again considering she was home sick)  

Harriette Hobos: Off they go……….. Sarge (Japan), Tickets (Phuket), BB (Bali), Aunty Val (Karratha), Occi (Singapore) and Gossip Girl (Adelaide). Have fun, travel safe and we’ll see you all as returnees.

Cheapy copped a triple charge for upsetting the OnSec by taking photos of her with her glasses on (even though she looks  very smart and distinguished), turning the camera off instead of taking a photo (really a droopy boobs) and making ‘it’ hard for Concord…….whatever ‘it’ is????

Xena charged Arzy for working for FESA and wanted to know why Firefly and Matchbox were standing like the statue of Liberty? I suppose they all have a burning desire in common!!!

And no charge required for Tickets to join the chargees for a downdown.

Special Runs:  Muffet hit 50….runs that is

Visitors: Concord, Penny

Returnees: Temperence and Stiffy, who, apparently thought they had a life but have now seen the light and returned to the fold, charged their paper cups and knocked back the splash like they’d never been away. Good to see and great to see you back 🙂

Wind Up: Reminder to all that Leopard’s Run (23/10/12) is at the Kebab Shop Morris Place, Innaloo

Puddles’ Run (30/10/12) is Halloween  theme    …..which means I get a makeup free night cause it’s ok to scare people hahaha!!!


ONON to Leopard’s Run for Yummy Kebabs (and some will say Kebab is yummy 🙂